October 12th, 2011


Bright the cheeks and warm the heart

I had a dream that I went to a Fazer coffee shop in Helsinki, I was glad to see how many treats there were in display and also sad because I couldn't afford them.
I hate it when the cold cruel reality mixes with my dreams! Last week I had a dream I was in an amusement park with my friends, and I couldn't take part in the fun because I couldn't afford it.

Today I had nothing special to do, at least no meetings or something like that.

In the morning I had a shower after two days of having no shampoo or shower gel in the house, it didn't feel any kind of special and my hair was still flat.

Speaking of hair, I have been thinking of dying my hair with Manic Panic shock color. Pink would be nice, or purple, green or blue. Of course, I need to blond my hair first, so I think I will do it once I scrounge up enough money.

Speaking of money, I have already written a shopping list for this month's welfare. I need stickers, the kind of nice and cute stickers for decorating my apartment and letters and such, a cosmetics bag from Kodin Ykkönen, a witch hat from Tiimari for the Halloween and a pair of custom- made Footbalance insoles for my new boots. I also need to buy some soup bowls from IKEA. I hate it how the less money I have, the more stuff I need, and when I say need, I truly mean need. Well, maybe I can ditch the stickers, witch hat and cosmetics bag, but I need to buy them sometime.

I have also decided to stop buying candy and crisps and other sweets, mainly because I can't afford them and I also want to eat healthy food.

After having a breakfast, I went down the Kitler hill for some errands; I bought some facial wash gel from Citymarket, visited the library to return some books, went to Anttila to measure my cup size (it's 80C in European standards, figure it out yourself) and then went home.

I warmed some lunch for myself, then I thought of going for a walk.

For the rest of the evening, I just did housework. Tomorrow I have to get up early as I have to go meet a social worker at the rehab center at 10 a.m.
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