October 13th, 2011


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Yesterday evening I was in a bit of a manic panic as I had forgotten to take my meds, but I took them and went to bed.

Today I was supposed to meet a social worker at the rehab center at ten in the morning, I had set my alarm clock to ring at seven in the morning but when it rang, I got up and turned it off and went back to bed, and of course set my cellphone to ring at half past nine. When it rang, I got up and dressed up, took my meds, made my bed and then I was off.

Once in the rehab center, I probably looked all grubby but at least I was dressed in clean, neat clothes. I was also so hungry that the pain in my stomach shone to my shoulders.

We just talked about studying, I forgot to ask her if I can live on rehabilitation grant during my studies or if I have to switch to student allowance. Because if I have to, it's going to be the end of me as the student allowance, combined with housing benefit, is such a ridiculously small amount that I can't even use to pay my rent with, and besides the peculiar account provided by the social office only helps with pension, not student grant.
Maybe I'll ask her that next time I go see her.

I walked back to Kilterinrinne and noticed that the counselors were in the common room, as every Thursday. I went to greet them, mainly because they had brought candy and crisps last time I saw them, and I hung around to see if they would bring them out, but got bored and went upstairs.
I noticed a girl laying on her face in the corridor, I had seen her earlier this morning. I thought she was a junkie, but the weird thing is that she didn't look like a junkie, she looked like an ordinary fashionable girl. I fetched the counselors and they tried to wake her up while I went to my apartment, later when I took out the garbage she was gone. I hope she's okay.

Once home, I took a loooooooong nap, I probably slept for six hours and woke up feeling good, but not ready to get out of bed.

For the rest of the evening I just nerded around on the Internet, immersing myself in my love for Team Fortress 2.
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