October 15th, 2011


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This morning I slept blissfully late, it's something I have been doing for a while now. It's just that days are getting shorter, I usually get up when the sun has risen.

I nerded on the Internet in my bathrobe before the counselors from Laturi showed up. I was in a bit of a pissy mood, I don't always feel like being excessively polite.

After they left, I had a wash, dressed up and started doing housework. Today is supposed to be another of those major clean- up weekends, but today I also had the so- called graduation party (I thought I would graduate this week which I didn't, but decided to have a party anygay) so I only made my place look representable, and then I went shopping for delicacies for the party.

I tried to have a soul's quiet preparation for the party, I was blaring I am the Walrus and stuffing my face with crisps when Elise and Piia showed up. After them arrived Laura and Viljami, and then we started feasting and blaring music.

I didn't feel so bad as I thought I would have felt; usually in social occasions I feel like I am drowning in cold dark water. Today I felt very happy.

After they all left, I started waiting for Suvi. I was so stuffed that I had to take a puke.

Suvi arrived a bit later, looking stylish as usual. We just sat around talking, and I changed into pajamas and washed some laundry.

After she left, I had a warm shower and took the laundry downstairs to the drying room.

I'm really thankful for having such wonderful friends ♥
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