October 22nd, 2011


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It seems like it's been a while before I last updated about my daily shenanigans. I have been rather busy... oh what the hell, I have been shopping away all the money I got from graduating.
On Wednesday I got 100 euros from mom and dad, on Thursday I got another 100 euros from grandma and on Friday I got even another 100 euros as the extra welfare.
I know I am supposed to save my money, but it's kind of hard when you can't afford saving them. And who cares about saving money as long as I can buy awesome stuff?

So far, I have bought a shower cap, ten new diaries, a green blouse, a scarf, a cosmetics bag, two pairs of earrings, and a pink jackrabbit vibrator that doesn't satisfy me.

What else? My beloved Optimus Prime backpack finally fell apart, but luckily I have my HellCatPunks backpack.
The yard is finally being tiled, it's going to look neater than the dirt road it used to be.
My life has been the usual psychotic roller coaster it has always been.
I haven't washed dishes for a week.
Sometimes I am overly happy and sometimes I just hate myself so fucking much.
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