October 25th, 2011


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I really hate living from check to check all the time. I don't wish I was rich, but I wish I had more money. If I earned even 1900 euros a month, I would consider myself as being well off.

Once I had a dream in which me and my friends were visiting a funfair, all of my friends were having the time of their lives and I couldn't do anything because I couldn't afford anything.
In another dream, I was walking around in Helsinki and discovered the most wonderful coffee and pastry shop, but decided to visit it later as I couldn't afford the dreamy cupcakes.
I have had many, many dreams in which I am visiting a shop that sells nice stuff, and I start thinking of visiting it later because I can't afford anything in sale. Gee!

Sometimes I comfort myself with the fact that after finishing my studies, I will get a proper salary. But the problem is that there's a small change I could be accepted to the vocational school I am applying for; the school demands the students to have a job in the library before they apply, I don't have one so I should start sending applications to every single library in the metropolitan area, and keep my fingers crossed that I will be accepted.
And besides, even if I get to the school, there might be the change that I get burnt off after four weeks of studies, like in high school.
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