November 1st, 2011


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It's time for the annual Christmas card exchange!!!

I will send a card to everyone whose address I have, if you have never given me your address and want to get cards from me, not only on Christmas but also on birthdays, Valentine's or cheer- up cards or just random happy cards, send me an e- mail at, remember to tell me your username and include your home address and preferably your birth date.

Don't expect any gifts from me as I can't afford sending them. I also won't expect any gifts from you, but if you insist I of course can't say no.
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My menses started today.

Today I had a shit load of things to do; in the morning I did the housework that I haven't done for a while, that is, ironed a pillowcase, washed the dishes and folded the laundry.

After that, I still had a lot of things to do; I had to
visit the social office to ask a few questions,
visit the bank to withdraw money,
visit the library to fetch my requests and pay my fees,
visit the rehab center to pick up my prescriptions,
visit the pharmacist to buy more medicine,
go to Citymarket to buy shampoo,
visit BodyShop to use my gift card I got from routaneito as a high school graduation present,
go to IKEA to check out the shelf number of HEMNES coffee table,
go to Heluna Fashion to ask how am I going to pay the bill from the cosmetics bag I ordered earlier (I chose to receive the paper bill instead of paying it online, and I haven't received it yet),
go to Mereija to check out how much the 70's summer dresses cost and try to remember it,
go to the post office I visited yesterday and ask if they have the two post cards I forgot there
and go to Forex to exchange the Swedish ten krona coin into euros
and probably something else that I have already forgotten. Bleh.

In the morning I woke up early once again; now that the mornings are lighter, I have no problem with getting up somewhere between 6:00- 9:00.

I wrote my diary, took a shower, brushed my teeth and washed my face, put on my new pants that fitted me perfectly, had breakfast and so on.

After doing housework, I was off. I went to the social office to ask if I can get some income support to buy clothes. And by that I don't mean I am going to shop my welfare away in Hennes&Mauritz, I mean that I need to buy more trousers.
I mostly have skirts, but they don't keep me warm during winter, and I have only about two pairs of pants which won't do, as I change my clothes every day.
Of course, I will receive 101,25 euros guarantee welfare this month, but I need it to buy brassieres; all my old brassieres are too small and besides I want to buy the kind of proper brassieres that don't just look gaudy.

I also needed to ask, who is my official social worker now. It used to be Pasi A., but when I called the social worker Kaija K. who is responsible for my peculiar account told me that my new worker is Raija F. and gave me her number, I called her but for some reason the call went to Hanna A.'s answering machine.

Once in the office, there were two receptionists; the grim one who talks very quietly and glumly and apparently mentally retarded, and the jovial one who is very friendly and speaks in a proper voice.
I asked him about my social worker, he told me the workers are determined by your address. I told him my address, he told me that my worker is Raija F. I told her about the phone number incident, he was flabbergasted and gave me the real number. I will call Raija on Thursday when she is answering her calls, and ask her if I can get some extra money for clothes.

After that, I went to the bank. I deposited all the extra change in my wallet and then withdrew all the money, then I went to the rehab center where I learned that my prescriptions had not yet been renewed; what the hell? I remember perfectly that I had left them last week!

I went to the library and fetched my requests; the comic album We hate Tank Girl by Alan Martin and Rufus Dayglo and the music albums Nirvana by Nirvana and Americana by the Offspring.

I went to Citymarket and bought shampoo and a chocolate bar, and what do you know, I was absolutely delighted to see that they have boxes of chocolate (I accidentally wrote boxers) for sale! Christmas comes early!
It's not only that I love chocolate, it's also that I have had this reoccurring dream for a while, I am in a supermarket where they have tons of boxes of chocolate displayed and I feel overjoyed.

I went to BodyShop and used the gift card and Love Your Body discount card to buy Vitamin E face tonic and Classic watermelon body lotion.

I was thinking of going home for lunch, but I was on the roll so I decided to go to IKEA. Mind you, the next bus to Espoo would take 20 minutes to arrive, but I decided to munch on chocolate while waiting.
When I sat on the bench at the bus stop next to an old, um, according to the facial hair it was a "he", and according to the skirt it was a "she", who kept on complaining about social welfare and bourgeois pigs while rolling cigarettes. I didn't even look at him/her and kept my attention on my chocolate bar. Even after I walked away, (s)he still kept on talking to himself/herself.

I decided to take the bus 452 to Helsinki as it would leave earlier, besides I had more business in Helsinki.

I got off at Mansku, went to Heluna Fashion where I asked the shop assistant about the bill, and she told me that I may receive it next month as the billing company simply works that way. Alright, it was settled then.

I walked to Mereija, a shop/dressmaker's that sells lovely retro trashion; I have had my eye on a 70's dress, the only thing that keeps me from buying it is the cost, 146 euros and if they are out of season. I asked the shop assistants, they told me that the dresses are for sale also during autumn and winter. I might buy it when I receive my tax refund.

I walked to the city center, went to the post office where I got the greeting cards I had forgotten there earlier, then I went to Forex to exchange the Swedish coin I had, I got 1,10 euros. Then I went to Sokos to look for skincare products.

I took a bus home and visited Lähde (the new name of Casa Franca) to chit- chat with the counselors, then I went home.

I was too tired to cook a meal, so I just did some random housework and nerded on the Internet. I listened to the Nirvana album, the Offspring album was too scratched to be played. Damn.

Tomorrow I will also have lots of stuff to do, I need to mail Mirva's birthday card and visit the rehab center to retrieve my prescriptions, and also the social worker I met promised to help me take copies of some forms and other important papers.
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I celebrate it with my bosom buddy routaneito, she will come over on Saturday. We will watch horror movies, eat candy and most of all, we will go to a gay bar named DTM (Don't Tell Mama) for a costume party. I will dress up as a sexy witch.