November 2nd, 2011


Mind you, a moose bite can be pretty nasty

This morning I, once again, woke up very early, when it was still dark. I don't know why, but these days I have been waking up earlier than I usually did and feeling very chipper, weeks ago I used to get up at 1 p.m. feeling groggy.

I did the morning routines as usually, and for some goddamn reason I started to feel sleepy so I grabbed my Ed Hardy cuddle blanket and took a nap.

I love taking naps, I always feel so restful and content, and it's a good method in killing time when I wait for the shops to be opened, or going to an appointed meeting.
The only thing I hate is that my hair gets mussed, I always have Silent Hill nightmares and besides, sometimes it takes a great deal out of my day. And if I wake up feeling happy, I always have a terrible need to pee.
I kept on glancing over my shoulder to see if the light had faded outside, but when I got up it was midday.

It was time for the daily shenanigans; I went to the bank to withdraw the Halloween money donated by momerson, then I went to the rehab center to pick up my prescriptions and see the social worker, she had promised to take copies of some of my important papers. She took the copies, then I went to the library to fetch my requests, then I went to Citymarket and bought a box of Irish Cream After Eight mints.
I could have gone home, but I was on the roll so I took the bus 530 to Espoo in order to visit IKEA.

It was a lovely autumn day, a bit gloomy but I didn't mind.

Once in IKEA, I was thirsty so I bought an organic lingonberry juice box. Then I went to check out the shelf number of the coffee table I have wanted for a long time; I noticed that purchasing the LACK table was a better deal than the HEMNES table, because they were about the same size but the LACK table cost only 19,95 euros while the HEMNES table cost 119 euros(!)

I took the bus 27 to Leppävaara, chilled around in the Sello shopping center and visited Hennes&Mauritz; I saw a lovely blue 50's dress, it is the kind of summer dress that I like; old- fashioned and seductively innocent. I might buy it later.
When I got bored, I took the bus 205 to Kamppi.

I was feeling a bit peckish, so I went to Arnold's and bought my favorite savory treat, a cold- smoked salmon bagel. Then I was thirsty again, so I went upstairs to the restaurant that serves free water.
I went to Cybershop, wanted to buy a shit load of hoodies and cardigans, fitted a dress, bought a tank top.

I posted Mirva's birthday card and took a bus home.

Once home, I was in a bubbly, jazzy, fizzy, sparkly mood. I numbed my brains with rocking out to Nirvana, eating chocolate and wanking off to porn. Is it only Wednesday? It surely feels like Friday!
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