November 3rd, 2011


(no subject)

Sometimes I think I am going crazy from sexual frustration.

That's right, I am almost 23 years old and still a virgin. Well, at least on the consensual side, because I was forced into an intercourse in the school forest by a boy who was three years older than me when I was eight, and I was almost molested by a Somali bully in the school library a year later. I have had my ass grabbed and my boobs commented on and I have been forcibly kissed. I have been told that I am worth nothing. Don't nobody want me, don't nobody need me. I hate myself and I hate everyone else in this world.

Geez, but am I horny. I would fuck anyone so bad. I'm dying to have filthy, steamy, creamy, mindless hate sex with anyone in this world. Just to have my cherry popped once and for all. No strings attached, no cuddling afterwards, but remember to wear a condom and use a generous amount of lube.

That's all I am asking for.