November 8th, 2011


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So, okay, I think I'll write an update about the Halloween party.

All Saturday I had a terrible headache and all around a foul mood, but it all got better once Suvi arrived. She brought a butt load of goodies, including herb & sourcream crisps, chocolate muffins, salmiakki candies, chocolate manna pudding, pomegranate candies, cold- smoked salmon, iced coffee drinks and a Fazer chocolate bar!

We spent the evening eating goodies and getting ready for the party; I decided to dress as a sexy witch, like Suvi. I wore oodles of makeup, which was weird enough because it's been almost ten years since I last time wore makeup.

We took a train to Helsinki, it felt weird to be downtown at such late time. Had Suvi not been with me, I would have been kind of freaked out because when I'm outside at night time, I am always scared of rapists and such.

Once in DTM, we paid the entrance fee and ordered some drinks; I had orange juice and cocoa, I have never drunk alcohol and I don't think I ever will.
I made friends with a Lady Gaga, a female Freddy Krueger and a Minnie Mouse who poked me in my tits, and a scary clown kept on pestering me and Suvi. We pole danced to the 80's disco hits and all around had fun!

At midnight I started to feel a bit moody; I guess it's because I am not used to partying.

After we left, we went to a McDonald's for a little midnight snack and went home by a bus.

Once home, I washed off my makeup, took my meds and went to bed. Suvi slept on my sofa- bed, on Sunday morning when I took a shower I used peeling cream on my face, hands and body, and hair conditioner.
We watched the movie Freddy vs. Jason, it's been a while since I last saw it and it was awesome to see it again!
Suvi gave me a lift to Martinlaakso by her car, when I went to see my parents.

I haven't updated for a while about my daily shenanigans, but I think I'll update later.
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I hate it how my life seems to be nothing but waiting for the next payday.

Today I slept late intentionally, so I wouldn't have to wait until a quarter of an hour past noon when my weekly grocery money hits my account.

Right after I had done all my morning routines, I was off. I went to the bank to withdraw all the money, then I went shopping; I bought a new pair of trousers, a Father's day card, a birthday card for notxdeadxyet, a tube of Freeman's Feeling Beautiful goji berry facial mask, a new deodorant, panty liners, sanitary pads, bread, tangerines, sandwich spread and chocolate.

Later the day I sent the birthday card in mail, and went to buy some more anti- depressants.

I guess today was okay.

I wish I could get up earlier; of course, I can set my alarm clock to ring, but it would give me no problem to turn it off and continue sleeping.
It's just that I don't want to waste my day by sleeping, I want to get up earlier so I can do whatever fun the day has to offer.
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There are two ways for me how to feel about Christmas.

Negative: Feeling crappy because everyone around me is so cheerful and I have to deal with being so tight on money that I can't afford presents and my family members quarreling and feeling like an outsider during Christian holidays.

Positive: Being as happy as I can be because I get to send cards, light candles on my grandparent's graves, eat lots of delicious food, bake ginger snaps and plum tarts, receive and give gifts, and of course, my birthday is December 28th.
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