November 13th, 2011


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Me and Emmi are friends again, thanks to Elise. She came to visit me on Friday as planned, and asked Emmi to visit me too. I couldn't say no as I have already forgiven Emmi, and I had planned for a very long time to tell it to her.
We went to Cafe Bretagne, I had my favorite ice cream; one scoop of vanilla, chocolate and mint, lots of whipped cream and chocolate sauce and sprinkles!
Then we visited this Christian chapel that holds hang- out evenings for young people.
A Roma man tried to hit on me, and I felt all around creeped out as I usually feel around Christians. We had to leave early, we told them we were going to visit the bathroom and once we had scurried out, all three of us burst into laughter. We were red- headed she- devils, me, Emmi and Elise!

E & E went to a bar, I went home and waited for them until they arrived. I made them a bed on my convertible sofa, and on Saturday morning I started washing laundry and cleaning up while E & E were about to leave.

I'm glad I'm friends with Emmi, I see no point in holding grudges when we can be friends and have fun together. Emmi is such a sweet and awesome person, and I know we will be friends for a long time.

I spent the Saturday by doing housework when I felt like it, later the day I met my mom at the Myyrmanni shopping mall as we were supposed to go buy three ink cartridges for my printer.
I went to Citymarket to buy cotton wads and sandwich spread, after that I met my mom and we went to Anttila. She bought me the cartridges, luckily they didn't cost much.

Once home, I installed the cartridges, luckily I had chosen the proper ones.

In the evening I tried the Freeman Goji Berry facial mask, the last ones I have been using were clay- based and this one was like lotion. I smeared it on my face, it made my skin prickle. It's supposed to make your skin more hydrated, soothed and of healthier color.

Today me and my family went to this posh restaurant in Vantaankoski to celebrate my graduation. In the morning I bathed myself like never before and dressed into pretty clothes, I didn't even wear eyeliner.

The day at the restaurant didn't turn out to be as pleasant as I thought it would be, I felt like the overall atmosphere was pretty uptight. I always feel such an outsider at happenings like that, everyone is so smartly dressed and well behaved, I feel like a nettle in a rose field. Or a fieldfare amongst turtle doves.

The food at the buffet was really weird, I had a hard time figuring out which was meat- based (I'm still a vegetarian, except I eat fish) and it tasted very tangy. I wanted french fries, but they had to be ordered and besides they were delivered only for children.

Dad drove us to Martinlaakso, I decided to visit my parents as I always do every Sunday.
I gave my dad his Father's day card, and what do you know, it was the same design like the card my brother had given him!

Once back in my old room, I took a long nap, after getting up I scribbled into my diary, chatted with my mom, drank moderate amounts of cocoa and decided to leave early as I was supposed to visit the Post Museum (it has a free admission every Father's day) and besides I still had a lot of housework to do.

I walked around in the neighborhood and visited Laajaniitynkuja where my family used to live. We moved there when I was about three years old, and moved to Raappavuorenreuna when I was ten. The funny thing is, if you want to walk to Laajaniitynkuja from Raappavuorenreuna, you just need to walk over a steep hill and there you are.

I took a train to Helsinki. There was a lot of hustle and bustle even if it was a holiday, and the shops were closed.

In the Post Museum, there was an exhibition about Rudolf Koivu, a Finnish painter who is famous of his illustrations for fairy tale books and post cards, much like Martta Wendelin.
I didn't stay long, I took a train to Malminkartano and walked home. I prefer getting off the train in Malminkartano and walk home through the forest, the Myyrmäki train station is such a dirty and messy place and besides I have to walk up the Kitler hill, which is very tiresome.

Once home, I took a massive crap and started doing the housework; I dusted the carpets, washed the dishes, washed a couple of loads of laundry, wiped the tables clean and dusted my art objects and cleaned up the bathroom. And I didn't feel tired at all!

Right now I am enjoying the aroma of my vanilla Auroshikha incense and making plans for tomorrow. I am going to visit the post office to retrieve the anal vibrator I ordered from a sex shop, go to the support group for people who hear voices and probably buy some rye bread. Easy livin'.
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