November 14th, 2011


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I had a dream I was playing the game Silent Hill, in another dream Team Fortress 2 as the RED Scout.

I woke up early, I was wide awake at six in the morning. I slept some more, until the clock was quarter past nine a.m.

After having a wash, dressing up and eating a breakfast, I went out for errands.

I went to the post office to pick up my mail- ordered boyfriend, that is, a pale pink Candy Cones anal vibrator.

I went to the library to retrieve my requests, the DVD Saved!, and learned that I had accidentally requested Heavenly Creatures as a VHS. The librarian told me that the movie wasn't available as a DVD in the metropolitan libraries, so I think I'll rent it later from a movie renting place.

I also lent the Charles Dickens book A Christmas Carol, it is such a lovely story! It makes me want to be kinder towards other people.

I bought some chocolate and went home. Later the day I went for a walk, washed some laundry and in the afternoon I was off to Helsinki as I was going to visit the support group for people who hear voices.

I decided to take a train as it would take a shorter time. I decided to walk to the Malminkartano train station, I despise the Myyrmäki train station as it is such a dirty place with lots of drunkies and other people I don't care of.

I walked through the forest to the train station, I had taken my diary along and scribbled on it while sitting on the bench.

I was about five minutes late from the support group, but it's better than the last time when I was half an hour late.
This time the support group was a lot better, the overall atmosphere wasn't as rigid as it used to be.

After the group, I went to Kamppi shopping center to spend time; when I went to Morticia, I heard the Marilyn Manson song This is Halloween on the stereo, I was happy about it and stayed in the shop until it was finished.

I went to Cybershop to fit a Celebrity Babe baseball jacket, I decided that next month when I receive my tax refund I will but it as a spring jacket. You might ask why I want to buy a spring jacket when it's almost Christmas, but the reason is that the Celebrity Babe jackets might not be in sale anymore when it's spring. And besides, if I have counted right, I will receive 363 euros tax refund, and there might not be another change to receive as much money.

I also visited Sokos and went to the cosmetics department. I have to buy some face cream, but the ones I feel like purchasing are small jars that cost almost a tenner.

I took a bus back to Myyrmäki, and visited the shopping center; I went to Anttila to look for a CD player, I was a bit worried that now that MP3s are getting popular CD players might not be manufactured anymore. Luckily they had some for sale.

I visited a few shops, my stomach was churning in a manner that I either had a diarrhea or the Menstrual Fairy was visiting me.

I went home and had some chocolate, wrote to my diary, surfed on the Internet, the usual.
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