November 18th, 2011


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Yesterday went by as I just slept all day. This has happened before; in the morning after getting up from the bed I feel a bit sleepy, so I decide to sleep a bit more just to get up all chipper, and I end up sleeping all the way to the evening.

Today I got up in the morning, after taking a shower, dressing up and having a breakfast I decided to take a nap, and ended up sleeping all the way to the afternoon.
I really don't understand why I sleep so much, don't I get enough exercise?

After getting up, I felt downright horrible; my hands were shaking, actually my whole body was shaking, I felt terribly hot and sweaty, I couldn't see much anything because my eyes felt weird.

I decided to go out to send a friend's birthday card and visit the library, after coming back home I felt even worse. It reminded me of the rehab ward, where the nurses told me to go for a walk every time I complained about feeling bad, having a headache or something like that.

I wish I was as happy in real life as I am in my dreams.
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