November 20th, 2011


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This morning I woke up early, and when I say early, I mean early. I woke up before three o'clock, got up and after checking my Tumblr dashboard I decided to go back to bed, after swallowing a couple of tranquillizers.

I slept a little more, waking up and falling back asleep, and having weird dreams. I got up at ten in the morning, feeling very rested.

While taking a shower, I used hair conditioner and peeling cream. I also made a facial mask and while waiting for it to affect, I washed the dishes. I felt like a 50's housewife.

I went to meet my parents, like every Sunday. It was such a lovely day, the sun shone from the completely cloudless sky and the temperature was pleasantly nippy. Too bad I didn't have enough time to enjoy it, I hate how short the days are and I can't take walks or otherwise enjoy the weather before the sun sets and darkness falls; I always get up from bed late in the morning and don't have enough time to do housework, run errands and all that.

I decided to take a bus to Martinlaakso, I didn't feel like walking even though it was such a pleasant day. Once in my parents' place I was greeted by the smell of freshly- baked cinnamon rolls, mom had made them.

I took a nap on the sofa, mom went grocery shopping. Dad was having a long day at work.

After mom came home, we just sat together talking. Then I decided to go home as I had a lot of housework to do.

I still didn't feel like walking home, so I took the bus 55 to Myyrmäki and went to the pharmacist to buy a tube of basic lotion.
When I was younger, I had such a bad skin that I couldn't use any other kind of lotion that basic lotion from the pharmacist, but nowadays my skin is in a such good condition that I can use any kind of lotion; Nivea, BodyShop, LUSH or Garnier products.

Once home, I aired the apartment, dusted the carpets, hoovered the floor and cleaned up the bathroom.
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