November 25th, 2011


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It's Thanksgiving day now, isn't it? Or is this the Black Friday?
Nevertheless, I don't see anything thankful in stealing the lands and denying the rights of Native Americans and then calling THEM illegal immigrants, but anygays, I might write a list of things I am thankful for this year.

:> Discovering the awesome world of Team Fortress 2
:> Getting my high school diploma
:> Joining Tumblr

Oh. I guess that's all.
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I had set my alarm clock to ring at nine o'clock this morning, as I had to get up in time; me and other people from Laturi were going to go for a journey to Porvoo.

I woke up before my alarm clock rang, and I felt a bit disappointed when I realized that I had to get up soon. Nevertheless, I slept a bit more, and when the alarm clock rang I got up peacefully, and did all the morning routines.

We were supposed to meet at the hot dog stand beside the bus station at eleven a.m., but I left half an hour early so I could go buy some chocolate and shampoo from Citymarket. I had not yet run out of shampoo, but I like buying hygiene products beforehand so if I run out of shampoo, I don't have to wait until next payday to wash my hair.

I bought Nivea shampoo, the kind that's for dry and damaged hair. Well, I don't actually know if I need such shampoo, but I just like nourishing haircare products because of the positive image they create. I also bought two bars of chocolate.

I met Laura beside the hot dog stand, along with one guy from Laturi, I don't know his name but I think he has Down syndrome; he has such facial features, round face with slanted eyes and chubby body, but it doesn't matter as he's very cheerful and polite.

Later another customer of Laturi, Raija joined us. She was a middle- aged woman, who looked pretty normal.
Laura told me that the counselor Linda is pregnant, I wasn't surprised as I had seen her stomach grown a bit, but I didn't have the nerve to ask her. But I was happy for her.

Later Heidi and Linda arrived by a car, me and Laura sat in the backseat and we drove to Hakunila to pick up another customer, an oldish man whose name I forgot.

We drove to Porvoo, the trip was moderately nice. Laura taught me a naughty Christmas song about Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus making whoopie, I tried to sing Mad World by Gary Jules and The Beer by Kimya Dawson but got bored as no one complimented me.

I thought that Porvoo would be somewhere far, up in the north or something, but it's actually right next to Sipoo that is right next to Helsinki. It didn't take a long time to arrive there, but it took a while to find the Brunberg candy factory, or more like the retail shop.

Once there, I bought a box of vanilla chocolate kisses for myself, and a bag of licorice for my parents, and after we left we drove to the city center.

We were supposed to visit a restaurant named Seireeni for a little lunch, once there we learned it was a night club.
I had a buffet, I got salmon soup and lots of salad. I ate all of the bits of fish and potatoes from the soup and left the broth, all the grated carrots and peas but left the black olives as they didn't taste as good as I had thought. I don't know why, but I always feel filled after having a meager amount of food, such as when me and my family went to the restaurant to celebrate my graduation; I had finished all the appetizers and didn't feel like eating anymore. Either I gulp down my food too quickly or I have the tripe the size of a golf ball.

After lunch, we just walked along, visited a few intriguing shops and the local church. I heard it was set ablaze by a Satan worshiper, but it was reconstructed.
We were a bit unsure if we should go to the church, there might have been a wedding or a funeral. After we stepped through the gates the church bells started to boom, it was like an alarm.

I always feel a bit awkward in a church; I feel as if I am not welcome there. I felt relieved after we left.

We walked through the oldest part of the city to downtown, where we split; Laura went to a clothing shop to buy gloves as she had forgotten them at home, Raija accompanied her. The rest of us including me walked around downtown and went to a coffee shop where I had a brownie and the rest of us had coffee drinks.

Once we went to the car, Laura and Raija were there waiting for us. Laura hadn't found any gloves, instead she had bought a new hat.

We drove back to Vantaa. It was getting dark, we left the ponytail guy at Hakunila and drove to Myyrmäki.

Once there, I didn't feel like going home yet. It was getting dark even if it was only four p.m., but I decided to go to Hennes&Mauritz to look for blouses; I don't have too much long- sleeved blouses and I really need them for the cold season, so I looked for something to buy later.
Fortunately Hennes&Mauritz didn't disappoint me; they had cotton L.O.G.G. blouses in all colors, my favorites were lime green, red, purple, grey and brown, and one with black and white stripes. In the children's department I found one purple velvet blouse and one grey with a kitty face in the front.

I wish I had enough money to buy them all; I might buy one once a week when I receive my allowance on Tuesdays, but I would like to get all of them as soon as possible so I don't have to wait. But I guess I need to be patient about this.

I hung around a little, then I went home.
For some strange reason, I felt unusually happy to be home. Maybe because there wasn't a huge stinking pile of dirty dishes on the counter demanding to be washed, or because I had chocolate with me, but nevertheless, I felt happy.

I took off my trousers and leggings and socks, and sat comfortably in front of my laptop with a chocolate bar.
I felt the need to watch a mild horror movie, luckily I had the 2002 direct- to- video remake of Carrie. I hate it when I feel the need to watch a certain movie, or a certain brand of movie, and I don't own one or don't have anything lent from the library. Just like the other day when I wanted to watch Hallam Foe or other kind of peaceful indie movie, but didn't have one. It was very frustrating, but then again, by now I should have already learned that I can't have everything I want.

After watching the movie, I felt a feeling that I don't feel very often but when it comes, it's devastating. I was BORED.
I felt like watching another movie, but didn't feel like watching my old DVDs. I watched the ending of Ghost World, but it didn't satisfy my needs.
I went for a desperate act; I tried to work on my novels, but got bored as I still have trouble trusting my talent.
I knew I could have done something; for instance, I could have cleaned up my bathroom cupboard, but then I realized that I could update my LiveJournal about today. And that's what I did.

Tomorrow it's Saturday, which means that the counselors from Laturi are coming over so I need to get up in time. I also have to do housework, and maybe I will go downtown to Idea Forum to buy a birthday card for Laura (I was reminded that her birthday is next month).
On Sunday I will go see my parents, and me and mom will go to Kinopalatsi to see Johnny English: Reborn.

Alright, that's all. I better push the update button and continue being bored.
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