November 30th, 2011


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So you got your ass pinched in a bar by a woman?
Well I know it may feel bad, but have you thought that in Congo, about 5000 men and boys are raped daily? You shouldn't whine when you know that your brothers suffer worse fate.

And besides, you should have a little sense of humor. After all, sexuality is a good thing that should be joyfully celebrated, not ashamed of.
And if you continue being such a pessimistic zealot, soon you will lose your friends and you will have a harder time finding a girlfriend! Garbage in, garbage out!

I know it was a nasty thing to do, but you should take your share of the blame like a real man. After all, you were drunk and wearing shorts. Women are supposed to be hunters while men are gatherers; if women were supposed to control their desires, the human race would be extinct.
You see, when God created woman and man, man's fate was supposed to stay at home and look after children. I know it sounds unpleasant, but that's the truth.

Of course, you could call the police, but they have worse things to be taken care of. And they will probably laugh at your face and tell you that you had asked for it.
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Damn, I have had such an awesome day!

In the morning I woke up early after having some sexual dreams. I didn't get up instantly, instead I lied in my bed, ate chocolate, wrote to my diary and had some interesting conversations with my other personalities.

After getting up, I turned on my laptop and checked my e- mails and updates, after that I took a shower, brushed my teeth and dressed up. I wore the black and white striped blouse and the skeleton earring I had bought yesterday. I looked like some sort of French contemporary artist, I tried to view myself as 80's op- art retro or something.

I have a two- way tie if I should wear black eyeliner or not. It's just that it doesn't make me look more seductive; I look the usual big dumb bovine moon face, except I have eyeliner. I should learn to apply my eyeliner properly, to have that smoky eyes look without looking like I am a wannabe rock star.

After eating chocolate to the point of having a diarrhea and wanking off to online porn, I got bored. Then I decided to do something dashing, something daring, something totally off the wall; I went for a walk.

It was murky outside, the sky was grey and it was raining, but I didn't mind. I like those kind of days as much as I like the sunny days.

I can't remember if I have ever felt so much motivation to go for a walk; I mean, I didn't have second thoughts, my muscles weren't protesting and I didn't have anything else to do.

I walked for a little while, and soon I felt the same feelings I feel when I get physical exertion; I felt frustrated, grumpy and murderous.

I was glad to be home, and now that I had had the daily dose of fresh air and exercise, I knew I wouldn't have to do it again. And I felt strangely happy to be home, not the "Home sweet home, yibby yibby yay" as I usually feel, but happy. Mainly because my apartment was clean.

I watched some bits of the movie Carrie, then I watched May, then I still felt the desire to watch a movie so I watched Tank Girl, I know that most of the dazzle I used to feel for that movie has gone, but it was still amusing to see it.

I got a huge inspiration to do housework, first I just arranged my stuff and looked through cupboards and drawers to see if I had some to give away to charity, and then I went for the kill; I washed laundry, retrieved the old laundry from the drying room and folded it, wiped the desks and tables clean, wiped the dust off of my CDs, opened the window to let some fresh air in, straightened the bed linen, took out the garbage, wiped the bathroom mirror clean and washed the toilet bog and sprayed some air freshener.

Now I'm watching Silent Hill videos on YouTube, eating chocolate and enjoying myself. I know today wasn't wasted.
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