December 3rd, 2011


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I really don't see why everyone is making such a big deal about gay marriages.
I mean, isn't it better that those silly queers get married and life happily ever after, get a mortgage and do other straight activities rather than living a raunchy and promiscuous life?

I have been told that gay marriages ruin the traditional marriage. But how exactly, no one has ever bothered to explain that.
Just because two responsible grown- up men or women get married, it doesn't mean that straight couples have to divorce and their kids will immediately start abusing drugs or something like that.

As for me, my opinion of the whole marriage debate is that as long as same- sex couples can legalize their relationships, they don't really need to be married in churches or have other kind of religious affairs. Religion is nothing but myth and superstition that enslaves minds and hardens hearts; but if you're happy with having a religion, it's fine by me.
After all, having a religion is like having a penis; it's fine to have one, it's fine to be proud of having one, but please don't wave it around in public and please don't try to shove it down on children's throats!

And as for marriage, I have always thought that it's a bit unnecessary. I mean, if two people love each other, they don't need diamond rings, contracts or fancy parties to prove it, if their love for each other is strong enough.
I'm not judging people who get married, but it's just not my thing. If I meet my Mister or Miss Right, I will get in a relationship but not get married; it's so gay, anyway.

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This morning I woke up along with the sunshine. I love these winter days when the temperature is chilly and the sun shines from the completely cloudless sky.

When I got up, I turned on my laptop. After a while of nerding on the Internet, I started to feel sleepy.
I knew what was going to happen; I would go back to bed and end up sleeping all day, but that was fine by me as I knew I wouldn't do anything special today.

Anyway, when I lied in my bed, I suddenly found myself thinking of matters of life and death.
It's weird how after your mother pops you out, it's no matter how decent and healthy life you life when you can drop dead any moment. And what waits for us after we have crossed the line, after the cosmic circle comes full?
I had a weird feeling; every time I got too comfortable and I was about to fall back asleep, I woke up with a start because I thought I was passing away.

After a while, I practically had to tear (I was about to write teat) myself from bed and go take a shower.

When I was scrubbing my lips, my doorbell rang. I panicked when I realized that it was the counselors from Laturi who were coming over. I put on my bathrobe and opened the door.

The meeting went pretty smoothly, after they left I did the rest of the morning routines, it didn't take long after I went out shopping again.

I took a train to Helsinki, once there I went to Backstreet to buy a pair of magic gloves and a yellow Iona punk dress.

I noticed something peculiar; when I'm flat broke and go to the shops, I feel like buying tons of stuff even if it's useless. Now that I had a lot of money, I felt like sneering at everything and buying something more useful. Y O Y must life be so hard?

I went to Arnold's to have a bagel, then I went to K- Market to buy a can of carrot juice and took a bus back to Myyrmäki. I went to Hennes&Mauritz and bought a lime green L.O.G.G. blouse.

Once home, I spent the rest of the evening on the Internet and eating chocolate.
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