December 17th, 2011


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This morning I didn't have much time to sleep late as every other day this week, because the counselors from Laturi came over for visit as every Saturday morning.

After they left, I had a wash and dressed up and started doing housework; after all, today marks halfway of the month so I'm having a major housecleaning. And a perfectly good timing for Christmas.

I went to Citymarket to buy some chocolate; it's one of my basic needs, I can't manage to survive a day if I don't get my daily fix of chocolate.

Once back home, I washed loads of laundry, hoovered the floor, mopped the floor, wiped the tables and counters clean, dusted my art objects, took out the garbage, washed the plastic garbage containers, changed the bedsheets and towels into clean ones, hoovered the sofa and the bed.

Tomorrow I will continue the cleaning; I will clean up the fridge and the bathroom, dust the carpets, wash the dishes and wash more laundry.

I really like the movie Saved!
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