21st December 2011


Note to self; when doing housecleaning, never leave your rolled up carpets on the balcony, especially if it's going to rain. My living room carpet got wet, it took me two days to keep it in the drying room, it's dry now but it smells a little icky and the colors are a bit smudged; but it's not that bad, I might take it to a cleaning service later.

This morning I had some freaky sexual dreams, I am almost blushing when I think about it.

I noticed that it had snowed during the night, but only a little. The temperature was low and the sun shone from the half- clouded sky.

After the morning routines I went out, bought some chocolate and then went for a walk.
I just wandered around, trying to generate myself into a FLOW experience.
When I go for walks, I don't do it just because I want to get fit and healthy, it's also because I want to see the world, nature and people. I want to feel physically and mentally good.

I decided to go for an inane urbane adventure, so I took the bus 510 to Leppävaara and went to the Sello mall, for some reason or other, then I took the bus 205 to Kamppi and hung around in Helsinki.

I can't help thinking if I am only wasting my time when I am "just hanging around". I should do something else.

Once back home, I washed laundry. Tomorrow I will go to my parents' home for Christmas, and also buy presents.
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A photo of myself back from 2006 when I was a bore stridden with acne. I was 17 then.

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