January 2nd, 2015


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I had pretty nice dreams and got up early, and managed to have a proper wash. I am getting better in taking care of my personal hygiene.

Soon I felt bored again, so I decided to take a nap. Fortunately I had set my cellphone alarm to ring when it was time to go see my nurse at the clinic at one o'clock in the afternoon. At two o'clock I would meet my friend Nina, one of the counselors from the hobby group I used to attend; zie had agreed to take me to a cafe.

I got up when the alarm clock rang and went to see my nurse; we talked about things and stuff and agreed to have a new appointment on February 10th at two o'clock in the afternoon.

I met Nina in front of the stationery shop. We went to Kulmakonditoria, zie gave me a box of chocolates as a late birthday gift and bought me a cold- smoked salmon sandwich and a brownie.

After the cafe visit, we went to the local art museum and enjoyed our time being.

We walked around the leafy suburbs, it was nice to have a little exercise and great big gulps of fresh air which made my cheeks glow. Once we neared my home I asked hir to come for a short visit.

Nina praised my apartment and told me I am very lucky to have it. After zie left, I washed two loads of laundry, then I thought about going to Helsinki because it wasn't too late in the evening and I didn't find much to do.

Once in Helsinki, I had an idea to check the balance of my bank account on an ATM machine, to see if I had enough money to buy a cup of coffee; and what do you know, I had received 100 euros! I was so blinded with my happiness that I didn't realize if the money was supposed to be next week's grocery money, but anyway, I withdrew it and went shopping.

I bought new diary for myself and three pairs of socks for sweetcarolanne from Tiger in the central railway station, then I went to Kamppi and bought a pendant from Ninja. I bought a new dress from Cybershop, and the first batch of Valentine's day cards and ten first class stamps from the stationery shop.

By then I was getting worried about making ends meet, so I decided to quit spending and go back home. I took the bus 453 to Martinlaakso and then the bus 53 to Myyrmäki, and called my mom to ask her if zie can pay the home insurance bill the social office refused to pay. Zie said yes and told me to bring over the bill once I come for a visit on Sunday.

Once back home, I was feeling happy because of all the nice things that had happened today; talking to my nurse, meeting a friend and going to a cafe, art museum and walk, impromptu shopping routine and other things.

In the evening after I had brushed my teeth, I washed my face by bending over the wash basin to splash water on my face, and I got a crick into my lower back and it hurt like hell, I could barely walk. I went to bed and wished it would be better in the morning.