January 7th, 2015

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On Monday I decided to sleep for the whole day again, because I knew I wouldn't have anything special to do. As usual on those kind of days, I had a splitting headache and threw up like crazy.

On Tuesday I felt better, except it was Epiphany and all the art museums, libraries, shops and such were closed so I decided to go see my parents.

I felt unhappy for most of the day.

This morning I managed to get up pretty early (11:30 am) and I was happy that the holidays are finally over. I managed to brush my teeth and take a shower and I was thinking of doing some yoga, but decided not to.

I wondered why I feel so awful, the delusions bothered me and I was moody and frustrated. My period is over and I had had a nutritious breakfast and had taken my vitamins.

I checked out the balance of my online bank account, even if I knew that I had received this week's money on last week's Friday due to the Epiphany messing up the business days. Oh well, I could always ask my mom for money.

I decided to go for an urbane adventure, so I took the bus 55 to Tikkurila for starters. On the way to Tikkurila, I started thinking about the new year and how I should change my life; all day I do nothing but surf on the Internet and go for bus rides. But of course, I shouldn't be ashamed of things that make me happy; but for some reason I feel as if I need a change.

I almost started crying on the bus because I felt so unhappy, but even if my face scrunched up and my eyes watered, I couldn't squeeze out a single tear.

Once in Tikkurila, I decided to go see my parents. I called my mom and asked if I can come over and if zie can give me some money, zie agreed on both.

I took the same bus to Raappavuori, once in my parents' home my mom gave me 20 euros. Zie and my dad went grocery shopping, I spent my time inside writing into my diary and guzzling coffee.

After my parents came home, I told my mom that when I'm bored I like to come to their house. I'll still be bored, but it's better to be bored with my loved ones ♥

I took the bus 530 to Myyrmäki and went to Citymarket to buy groceries. Once back home, I noticed that I had received a notification about a package in the post office. I went to the post office to retrieve it, and I knew it would be the small Balloonicorn vinyl statue. Yay!
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