January 8th, 2015


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Last night I had a dream where me, Suvicita and Katsa traveled aboard a train in Tallinn, and in another I was a robotic warrior girl.
The rest of the dreams were so sad and murky that I was happy when I awakened. It's the exact opposite when I have happy dreams, then I am sad when I wake up and realize the dreams weren't real. But real life is always better than lying in bed and forgetting to live.

In the morning I got up at half past ten o’clock (10:30 am); I took my morning medicine, had a proper wash, dressed up and put on some jewelry, ate a breakfast and took my vitamin supplement pills. I guess I am getting better at this morning stuff.

Me and Suvicita were going to Horror Shop today, we agreed that Suvicita was going to pick me up in Myyrmäki, by the health center & social office. I bought a mint- flavored iced latte and went to the lobby to wait for hir, it was warm inside and there was a comfy bench to sit on.

Suvicita picked me up and drove us to Konala. PääPerkele was in hir shop, Suvicita gave hir some gifts from London; a coffee mug, a huge bar of Cadbury's fruit & nut chocolate and a Voice of Freedom magazine. We talked heartily and I bought four badges (two of them are going to be sent to Sugar Lips, one for Schlitzie and one is for me), Suvicita bought a t- shirt, a book and some badges.
There was a corner where you could sit and just hang out, I sat down and wrote into my diary. Horror Shop is such a nice place to be, I feel safe there. I have become increasingly aware that there are places I visit frequently where I feel safe or unsafe.

Suvicita suggested that we go to the old minimall in Martinlaakso, there are two thrift stores that sell pretty nifty stuff.

Zie drove us there, first we went to Della Casa for burritos; feta cheese for me, beef for hir. We also had coffee.
It occcured to me that we both looked a bit butch, Suvicita in her grunge shirt and me with my bulldyke haircut.

I don't really know about the old minimall, it's pretty deserted now that the new minimall next to the station steals all the customers.
The old minimall has two floors and most of the shops are closed and the premises are for rent, every now and then they open some shops that are closed about as quickly as they were opened.
I guess the old minimall will be demolished in the future.

First we went to Sami's, Suvicita bought me (I'll pay her back next week) a dress that looks like Pippi Longstocking's with a pair of striped knee socks, a wooden turtle fridge magnet, and a reflector with the yoni symbol.

Then we went to another thrift shop, where I bought a small backpack in the shape of a plush penguin with a huge smile and a baseball cap. I also had my eye on a rainbow- colored dreamcatcher and a huge doll that looks like a five- year- old boy. I am going to buy them next week and add them to my artifact collection.

Suvicita drove back home, I took the bus 35 to Myyrmäki and Iso- Myyri shopping mall; I went to Nima's and told the person working there that I will pick up my mended clothes next week. I also went to Tarjoustalo to look for new clothes and arfifacts.

Once back home, I noticed that I hadn't received my Etsy.com orders yet, which is reasonable because I ordered them during the Christmas holidays.

I washed two loads of laundry, including the stripy dress and the penguin plushie backpack. After hanging the last load of laundry, I decided to go out and visit the shopping mall Myyrmanni, I had urgent business.

I visited Elisa Shopit and told them I need a new battery because I have to recharge it about once a day. I was told to visit this Finnish battery shop where I can get a new one for 12,95 €. I felt strangely content, confident, mischievous and felt like if a man was going to harass me, I would knock him out with my astounding vocabulary and sense of humor.

I visited a couple of shops and then went back home.
I took my evening medicine a while ago, made myself a nice cup of peppermint tea.

Tomorrow my counselor Tiina from ASPA will visit me, after that Elyseé and Emjuso will visit me.