January 9th, 2015


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This morning I managed to do the morning routines properly, as usual. I am getting better at doing morning routines, I should also include yoga in my routines.
Somehow I feel as if it doesn't take lots of power or energy to do the routines, all it needs is eschewing the "I don't wannaaah" attitude.

While waiting for Tiina, the counselor from ASPA to come for a visit at quarter past two o'clock in the afternoon (2:15 pm), I took a nap.

I woke up with a start when my doorbell rang, it was Tiina.

We talked about things and stuff and I washed the dishes. After zie left, I started waiting for Emjuso and Elyseé to come over.

Later the day they called me and asked me to come visit Pinky, they were going to visit hir since they haven't seen hir for a while now.

I walked to Louhela and ran into Emjuso and Elyseé on the way. We went to Pinky's place, ate lots of treats, talked and laughed and sang and all around had a good time.

Later the evening I went to say hello to my parents, I took the bus 45K to Raappavuori. Both of my parents were home, I drank coffee and ate donuts and had a good time there, too.

My self- esteem is a bit low and the corners of my mouth are chapping, but otherwise I am alright.
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