January 11th, 2015


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I had dreams about the mansion in Kuortti where me and my family spent a lot of time when I was a kid. It's a holiday resort for children and teenagers who have or have had some sort of a cancer, and for their families.

Another dream was about Joey & Johnny Ramone and their relationship which included lots of passionate kisses and rubbing crotches through their scruffy jeans. It made me want to read sweetcarolanne's fanfiction again.

I got up, took my morning medicine and went to bed with the intention of scribbling into my diary a bit before doing the morning routines and housework; as it was weekend, I had to air the bedclothes, hoover and mop the floor, take the carpet outside to dust it, take out the recycling, wash laundry... but what do you know, I ended up sleeping for the whole day and regretting it. I should have learned by now that if I go to back to bed right after taking my morning medicine, I end up sleeping for the whole day. At least now I'll know how to avoid it.

Sometimes it's good to take a nap or have a pajama day, but I hate it when I sleep like a log for the whole day for no reason at all and miss all the work I was supposed to do, and miss all the fun that the day had in store for me.

I still remember when I lived in the youth hostel, I used to sleep for 18 hours the day, including the night's sleep, because the anti- psychotic medicine I take has such an effect on me.
It felt both good and bad, good because when I slept, I felt like I was safe and my worries and delusions didn't bother me; bad because I would miss all the miracles the day would have in store for me.

Anyway, later the day I got up and took my evening medicine. As it was really cold outside, I took my mattress, blanket, pillow and counterpane to the balcony to have them aired, and slept on the sofa- bed with the blanket and pillow I keep for my overnight visitors.

And hoped tomorrow would be better.
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I have lots of things I need to buy this month; a new pillow, the current one still has fuschia hair dye stains and the fillings have gone lumpy. A new pair of biker boots from a vegan footwear shop, the old ones are about five years old, they are very worn out and have holes at the soles. I also need to order a new battery for my cellphone, pick up my mended clothes from the dressmaker's, renew my membership at the fitness center, pay the partial payment to Pärkele for fitting the piercing rings into my ear holes, and as Valentine's day is approaching, I need to buy a sufficient amount of the cards and stamps.

There are sales in Hennes & Mauritz right now and I need to buy some clothes before they're gone for good. I'm not talking about those flimsy dresses, I also need hoodies and sweaters and trousers to keep myself warm during the glacial coldness of Finnish winter.

I also need to pay my friends their loans, I owe 8 euros to Elyseé and 10 to Heidi.

I guess everyone is a bit broke after the holidays, all the presents and treats and such cost a pretty penny. It might take all the way to spring until my wallet is in balance.

So, I guess I'll try to scrimp and save this month; no more candy bars, chocolate puddings, iced lattes, or vinegar crisps. No more orders from Etsy.com or other online shops. I have decided that I will continue ordering stuff until I have got my finances in order.

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Last night I had a dream about playing the game Silent Hill and battling the final boss, Incubus.
I also had some erotic nightmares about primitive fertility rituals.

Like I mentioned in my last entry, I slept on the sofa- bed because my mattress, pillow, blanket and counterpane were in the balcony, the cold temperature would freshen them and kill the dust mites.
I should buy a new Familon pillow, my current pillow still has fushcia hair dye stains. Next week when it's the first housecleaning weekend of the year, I will wash the pillows and blankets, including the ones I keep for my overnight visitors; I have learned that they should be washed about four times a year.

In the morning I got up in time, took my morning medicine, brushed my teeth and decided to take a shower; back then when I lived in the youth hostel and then at my former apartment at Kitler hill, I used to take a shower every morning because it woke me up efficiently and because I was very scrupulous about my personal hygiene.
Nowadays I take a shower every time I feel like needing one, but not too often because my skin and hair suffer from the soaping.

I used peeling cream on my face, it left my skin feeling cool and smooth. I rubbed lotion on my face and body and dressed up. I cooked a decent breakfast and took my vitamin supplements, and noticed that I am running out of multivitamins and biotin supplements. Another thing to add to my shopping list.

Later the day I went to see my parents, like every Sunday. When I stepped out of the corridor, the bitterly cold temperature and the snowfall hit me like a shovel to my face; I practically felt the boogers freezing in my nostrils.
It was raining thin powdery snow, and the wind blew really hard.

I was thinking of taking the bus 53 to Raappavuori, but the bus 55 came earlier.

Once in my parents' home, mom was preparing lunch and dad was reading in his bed. My dad's hair has grown back now that the cancer treatment has ended, and it looks very handsome. The gray streaks in his fluffy, almost curly hair suit him very well, his fringe looks almost like a pompadour.

I had lunch with my parents; green salad with avocado, cucumber, and iceberg lettuce; baked salmon; white rice with parmesan cheese and garden peas. For dessert I had a cup of sweet milky coffee.

My brother Sami was home too, but zie seemed a bit unhappy. I know now zie suffers from depression, after I learned this I have learned to love and respect hir more than I usually do.

My parents went grocery shopping, after they returned my mom gave me 20 euros for my own groceries; I didn't receive my allowance from the social office this week, so I have had to rely on my mother’s charity. I need milk, fruits and bread, that should be enough until next Wednesday.

Later the day I left, I took the bus 35 to Myyrmäki and visited Citymarket in Myyrmanni shopping mall and bought rye bread, wholemeal toast, vitaminous milk, avocados, bananas and clementines. Once in the cashier line where they keep stacks of sugar- free chewing gum, I added a jar of raspberry- flavored xylitol drops that are supposed to make your teeth healthier; I am going to take one after every meal and snack, and perhaps buy another to keep in my backpack when I go outside my apartment, perhaps when visiting cafes or eating treats at my friends’ houses. The xylitol drops are really meant for children, but I think they’re suitable for adults like me.

Once back home, I put the groceries into the fridge and took one of the xylitol drops and let it dissolve in my mouth. I put the jar next to the vitamin supplements; which reminds me, I have run out of multivitamins. I better buy them soon.

I hoovered the floor as properly as I could, only the places where I have walked. Next weekend when it’s halfway through the month and I will have another housecleaning, I will hoover and mop the floor from corner to corner and behind and under my bed, working desk, sofa- bed and so on.

I decided not to mop the floor today, I’m thinking of mopping it only on the housecleaning weekends as my floor is quite neat and clean right now.

I took out the recycling, I just nipped outside without wearing a jacket, scarf, or gloves. It was bitterly cold outside, but it only took a moment. Once back home, I scrubbed the toilet bowl and took the bed clothes from the balcony and put fresh sheets into my bed.

It’s still not too late, so I guess I might wash the dishes and perhaps do some laundry this evening.
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☮ Me and my mom have agreed to purchase a book shelf for my apartment from IKEA, my mom will pay for it as zie is the only one of the two of us who can actually afford it.
The only problem is that who is going to bring it into my apartment and build it, my dad is too old and ill to do it even if zie still knows how to operate a car.
I told my mom that IKEA offers an affordable service for bringing the packages and constructing them.
Mom also agreed to buy me a coffee table, a bureau of drawers and a small kitchen table where I can eat my meals.
I'm going to buy myself a small bureau with only two drawers for the hallway of my apartment, I can keep my shoes and other stuff there. Another thing I need is a dresser, it would be a neat add to my apartment and I could keep my jewelry and accessories there.

☮ The corners of my mouth have healed, they used to be so chapped that it looked like they had been slashed with a knife. I read somewhere that it's very rare for them to get chapped because of lack of nutrients, it's mainly about the dryness of your skin.
I'm thinking of going to book myself a blood sample at the local health center because I want to check out the nutrients in my blood, and if I am lacking a certain vitamin or nutrient, I will start focusing better on what kind of food should I eat or what kind of vitamin supplements I should buy.

☮ I had to clear up my Etsy.com wishlist because some of the products have been already sold to someone else. It's very disappointing, but then again, I need to watch my spending since I am a bit strapped for cash after the Christmas holidays, like everyone usually is. I also have tons of things I need to buy, like I mentioned in my last entry.

Plans for Monday, January 12th - Sunday, January 18th

Monday, January 12th: I need to call the local psychiatric clinic and ask them to renew my anti- depressant prescription.

Tuesday, January 13th: I will go swimming in the morning; I still have about five visits to the swimming pool left in my fitness center membership card.

Wednesday, January 14th: I will receive money. I will go to the bank as early as possible and withdraw the money. Then I will go to Nima's dressmaker, pay for the mended clothes and bring two articles of clothing to be mended.
I will go to Myyrmanni shopping mall, visit Hennes & Mauritz to buy an article of clothing from the sales, then I will go to the stationery shop to buy ten Valentine's day cards and an equal amount of first class postage stamps. I will also buy a birthday card for Petruska, who has hir birthday on Sunday.
Then I will go to Citymarket and buy a week's worth of food and some hygiene products.

Thursday, January 15th: It will be my mom's payday, zie will give me 80 euros like every month. I will use it to recharge my travel card so I can travel in the metropolitan area for 31 days, that is until my mom's next payday. I will use the rest of the money to renew my membership for the local fitness center, ten visits to the gym and an equal amount of visits to the swimming pool.

Friday, January 16th: Nothing special yet.

Saturday, January 17th: Right after breakfast, I will go to the fitness center and spend one hour in the gym and half an hour at the swimming pool, then I will go to the sauna.
As it is the third weekend of the month, I will clean up my whole apartment; hoover and mop the floor from corner to corner, including under the furniture; wash every single textile; wipe the desks and tables; dust my artifacts; air the bed clothes and mattress; replace the towels and bed sheets; take out the recycling; scrub the bathroom...

Sunday, January 17th: I will visit my parents.

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I also want to send the finished picture in a cute little envelope, and I need your snail mail address for that.
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