January 12th, 2015


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☮ I have a user account at an awesome online T- shirt shop named SnorgTees.com, and I received gift tokens when I had my birthday next month. I have had my eye on a certain shirt for a while, and if I use the gift tokens I need to pay only about eight dollars for the rest.
I still remember my promise to scrimp and save, but this is a change of a lifetime! And it's only eight dollars, that ain't gonna break my bank.

☮ During the Christmas holidays the corners of my mouth used to be so chapped that I looked like Freddy Krueger. Fortunately they have healed now. I used to think about two reasons; I receive too little vitamin B or then it's just my skin that gets dry and flaky and my lips get chapped during the winter; I guess it's the latter reason because I have read that it's actually usually the condition of your skin rather than the lack of vitamins that causes the chapping.

☮ I have been thinking of getting a tattoo this year; the Stargirl symbol from the Jerry Spinelli novels, a five- corner star and a stick figure girl. Perkele from Horror Shop might be able to do it for me, and I don't think it costs a lot.

☮ I have been thinking of starting to collect shoulder bags, and using my Monster High backpack only during winters. I should also buy a proper shoulder bag where I can fix my badges and pins.

☮ I have decided to start flossing my teeth every evening before washing them, and also keeping a jar of xylitol pastilles in my backpack so I can take one after every meal and snack.

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I woke up at quarter to one o'clock during the night (00:43 am) and I felt like I wanted to get up already and make a cup of tea, I felt very chipper. When I looked at my cellphone clock and noticed how early it was, I decided to force myself to sleep a bit more. I was amazed that it was so early and I already felt hale and hearty.

I woke up later, but it was still very early. I went to have a pee, and then went back to bed.

Later the morning I got up at half past eight o'clock (8:30 am) and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and have a wash.
When I have a wash in the morning, I start by washing my hands, then I brush my teeth and then I wash my hands again and then I wash my face with some face cleaner, like L'óreal or Garnier, bought at the local grocery store. Then I wash my hands again and rub Aqualan L, hypoallergenic basic lotion bought from the pharmacy, on my face, then I wash my hands and then I wash my underbelly with the hand- held shower head. Then I wash my hands once again and rub the same lotion on my body, arms and legs and breasts and buttocks and stomach. Then I dress up.
I do the same routine in the evenings, except I have been thinking of starting to floss my teeth every evening before I brush them.

I had breakfast and took my vitamin supplements, I ran out of multivitamins so I have to buy them this week. Then I remembered I had forgotten to take my morning medicine so I took them too.

I was getting bored so I washed the dishes, then my apartment was seemingly clean so I decided to go out.

I couldn't control myself so I bought a mint- flavored iced latte, and noticed that no matter how much I had craved for it, the latte tasted quite bland and it was drunk very quickly.

I went to a health shop in Myyrmanni shopping mall, and noticed that they have multivitamin supplements for an affordable price. I was thinking of buying vitamin candies that are originally meant for children, but when I asked the shop assistant about it zie told me that they are too mild for grown- ups.

While waiting for the bus 452K to Helsinki, I remembered that I had to take my cellphone bill to the social office, so I went there to deliver it and then took the bus 39 to Kamppi. I was heading to the local shopping center, anyway.

I went from shop to shop and wondered, considering my meager finances and whether I needed a pearly white brassiere, a guitar- shaped eraser, a Frozen Anna & Elsa pillow... I realized that this scrimping and saving business is harder than I thought.

I decided to go see my parents, so I took the bus 453 to Martinlaakso and on the way there I remembered that my parents' Christmas break was over so they were probably at work; I called my mom and asked hir if I can come over, zie said they were both at work but it was okay for me to come over as long as I remember to turn off the lights and the coffee maker when I leave.

So I went there, made two cups of coffee and had a little snack and surfed on the Internet, and wrote a list about what kind of tattoos I'm going to get in the future. I also cleaned up their kitchen, as I usually do when I am visiting them.

I felt guilty for drinking all their milk with my coffee, so I decided to nick a little change from the wallet where they keep their grocery money, and nipped to Alepa to buy a carton of milk.

After taking the carton of milk to my parents’ fridge, I decided to leave; I took the bus 55 to Myyrmäki, spent some time in Myyrmanni shopping mall and went back home.

I had received a broadband bill, still no trace of my Etsy.com purchases.
I took off my Hello Kitty pajama pants, leggings, ankle socks and woolly socks I keep over them, and changed my panties because I had accidentally sharted them, and fixed a new pantyliner into them. Home is where the pants come off!

It was still afternoon, and I was getting bored. I decided to rummage through my closet until I found the olive- green shirt I thought I had lost. Then I ironed the laundry and folded it neatly into the closet, and arranged the stuff in the closet more neatly.
As I was still bored, I put some of my useless clothes into a plastic bag, determined to take them to a charity shop.

I called my grandmother just to talk with hir, I have decided to call hir once a week. When I told hir about my meager finances, zie told me zie will transfer ten euros into my bank account ”as soon as I turn on to the laptop”, zie said. I know I shouldn’t delegate hir to give me money every time I call hir, but than tenner will make a difference.
Zie also advised me to purchase these special spurs or heels or whatever they are called, spiky things for your winter boots so you won’t slip and break your bones. I still remember how I broke my right elbow in 2011 when I was on my way to a job interview, I had to have a surgery and then the surgery wound got infected. Another thing to add to my shopping list.

I was feeling hungry, so I made a couple of grilled cheese sandwiches and remembered to take a xylitol pastille.

I should go downstairs to pick up my laundry from the drying room, but I have already put on my pajamas and I don't feel like going out where it's cold. I guess I will pick them up tomorrow, after I come back from the fitness center.
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