January 13th, 2015


(no subject)

I'm getting increasingly worried about my financial situation. It's always the same after the Christmas, I need a couple of months to put my wallet in order. And right now I have lots of things I need to afford.

Let's see, I receive enough benefits to pay for my food and hygiene, the social office pays my rent and bills; I cannot always afford renting a movie or going out for coffee, but I have been okay without that kind of luxury. Food is very expensive these days, but fortunately I have learned to fill my stomach on a budget.
And as for hygiene products, I have taken up the habit of hoarding; every time I run out of either a domestic or a personal hygiene product, I already have one in stock. It has proved itself a really useful habit.

There are sales at some of my favorite clothing shops and I need to buy new clothes, not only those flimsy dresses but also sweaters and trousers that protect me from the coldness.

I need to pay back a loan to my friends, I owe a tenner to one and eight euros to another. Well, that's something I can easily take care of, 18 euros altogether is not much. And loans must always be paid back.

I need a new pair of combat boots, I can't put it off any longer. My current ones are about five years old, very grubby and they have holes at the soles. I cannot do another winter without new ones.

I need a new cellphone battery, the old one has to be recharged about once a day. I have been advised to buy a new cellphone, but there's nothing wrong with the phone itself. And the battery is a lot cheaper than a new phone altogether.

I need a new pillow, preferably a quality pillow made in Finland, like Familon. Sure, they're are expensive but I don't want to resort to using low- quality products simply because I am poor.
My old pillow is getting grubby, it has questionable yellow and brown stains and it still has my old pink hair dye stains. The fillings have gone lumpy, there's no amount of fluffing that will save it now.

I need to pick up my mended clothes from the dressmaker's.
I also need to renew my membership at the fitness center.
I need to recharge my travel card.

Somehow, I am not as anguished about this situation as you might think I would be; I see it as more like a challenge than a trouble. And I know I am going to be alright.