January 17th, 2015


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I was thinking of writing a real misery memoir out of today's entry, but then again, everyone would just tell me that I need to get laid when my period ends. So here goes.

I think the highlight of the day was when I had a dream about my favorite video game Silent Hill: Downpour which I have never played. Such is the life of a fake geek girl.

In the morning I managed to drag myself out of bed, but I didn't bother with having a wash or preparing a breakfast; I just did the necessary routines, that is, took my morning medicine, dressed into the first clothes I found from my cupboard and slathered lotion on my face (my skin felt so tight it felt like it was going to tear).

I went to Citymarket to buy two big bars of chocolate, even though I could honestly say I am getting sick of chocolate. I just felt like spending money now that I had it, and besides I couldn't find anything from the fridge that would satisfy me.
I'm thinking of giving up chocolate completely; it doesn't even taste good anymore, it tastes so bland and besides it makes me feel bad both emotionally and physically; emotionally because it creates havoc on my blood sugar, and physically because it makes my stomach bloated and my teeth start hurting.

Another highlight of the day was getting introduced to the movie Big Hero 6. Never read the Marvel comics on which the movie is based, though.

I managed to hoover the floor from corner to corner, dust the working desk, wash many loads of laundry and scrub the toilet bowl.

In the evening I felt like I needed oxygen and space around myself, so I went for a walk. It was dark, murky and rainy. It's just that I enjoy taking walks in any kind of weather at whatever time of the day, as long as it is not raining or snowing.

During the walk the delusions bothered me, I felt grumpy and bitter and hated the world. I decided to take a bus back home.

I went to sleep without having a wash.

I'm not normally this miserable, it's just my PMS.