January 19th, 2015


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I woke up early this morning to a terrible need to pee. I got up and I was so groggy with sleep that I accidentally banged myself on the cupboard while walking to the bathroom. I peed so much I felt my kidneys hurt.

Later the morning I got up, took my morning medicine, brushed my teeth and took a shower. I used peeling cream on my face as I usually do when taking a shower; I have the habit of using peeling cream only once a week, and only after I have washed my hair and body and rinsed myself because then my skin has warmed enough.

I had a breakfast and took my vitamin supplements.

It was still early in the morning, about half past eleven o'clock (11:30 am). I was planning to go to Girls House today, but it's opened on Mondays at three o'clock in the afternoon (3:00 pm).

Just to kill time, I read some Sniper/Scout yaoi fanfiction until I started feeling sleepy.
I decided to take a nap, it's an effective way to kill time as sleeping is something I am good at.

I slept for many hours, sweetly like a baby, and didn't get up until half past four o'clock in the afternoon (4:30 pm).

I was thinking of going to the new mall in Tikkurila, but decided to leave it for tomorrow; I wanted to have something nice to do on Tuesday so I won't be bored all day.
Mondays and Tuesdays are the worst when I have to wait for Wednesdays; I receive my weekly allowance then, and I can finally buy groceries and perhaps something nice.

I traveled to Helsinki on the bus 452, traveled to Hakaniemi on the subway and once in Girls House, I just sat around writing into my diary.

When it was six o'clock in the evening, I started wondering if I should leave; it was getting late and I wanted to visit someplace before going home.
Then I felt a strange fear, as if my instinct was telling me; if I leave this safe and secure place and go outside to the world, something bad will happen. I will be attacked by an evil man.

I forgot all about it and went out to the snowfall. I felt the fear again when I was thinking of taking the subway to the city center, but I noticed I felt like walking in the winter wonderland.

I visited Fiorella, a clothing shop on the way to the city center and noticed they had many awesome clothes in discount. I had my eye on a pink college blouse with the text "Bitchin" on the front in Barbie logo font.

I walked to Forum shopping center, and I was disappointed to see that my favorite shop in Forum, a stationery shop named Idea is going to be closed for good. I felt genuinely sad because the shop sold many amazing greeting cards, if you have ever received a birthday card from me, it was bought from Idea.

I visited Hennes & Mauritz but couldn't find anything special from there. I felt like going to Kamppi shopping center, but forgot.

I felt my instinct kick in again, it was telling me that if I go to Assa and walk past the grocery shop there, I am going to get a craving for iced lattes. I went there anyway.

I went to Eliel Square and looked at the timetables, and noticed that the bus 453 would arrive ten minutes earlier than the bus 452. I decided to take the bus 453 to Raappavuori and visit my parents.

I called my mom on the way to Raappavuori and asked hir if I can come over, zie told me it's okay.

Once there, I had some coffee and tried my best avoiding my mom who was obviously having a bad day.

Once back home, I read a fanfic that triggered me and made me feel a bit bad. I stayed awake until quarter past one in the morning (1:15 am) and went to bed.
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