February 1st, 2015


Stressed is desserts spelled backwards

On Saturday morning I woke up and realized today is going to be another of those achy- pukey days; I threw up everything I swallowed, and I felt a strange pain on the right side of my face; forehead, part of my scalp, throat, cheek and the nerves of my teeth.
My right eye was burning and itching and there was a weird pain somewhere behind it, it felt as if a banana fly had laid its eggs into my eyeball.

I stayed in bed in my pajamas for most of the day. I tried eating and drinking something, but it made my stomach even more upset.

Later the evening Suvicita came to visit me because zie was going to this 80's rock concert and zie was crashing at my apartment. We have this tradition that if Suvicita goes to a late- night concert, I let hir sleep over because zie lives in the rural Vantaa and it's hard to get a bus there in the late night. I like it when my friends stay overnight and I love to help a friend in need.

Zie brought lots of treats, crisps and fruit juice and chocolate, but I couldn't eat any of them because I kept on throwing up. I took many warm showers to make myself feel better.
Nevertheless, we had fun, cracked jokes, took selfies and talked about nice things.

After leaving, I stayed awake for the night because I couldn't take my evening medicine, I would have just thrown it up.

Later the night Suvicita came back, we went to sleep but I didn't feel like sleeping, the pain and nausea kept me awake. I surfed on the Internet on my laptop until morning, when I took my medicine, brushed my teeth and dressed up.

I managed to wash the dirty dishes and also wash a load of laundry. Me and Suvicita joked about how I never drink alcohol, but I am always the one to be hungover.

Later the day me and Suvicita left at the same time, I took the bus 51 to Martinlaakso and walked to Raappavuori.

Mom and dad and my brother were home, I had told my mom about my sickness. Zie petted my hair and fluffed it up.

I took a two- hour nap on my old bed, I woke up feeling mentally better, with the nausea gone but my eye hurt worse than ever. My mom told me that it might be a pulled muscle.

I ate a meal consisting of oven- baked salmon, boiled potatoes, tomato slices soaked in olive oil, and a cup of sweet milky coffee for dessert, and managed to keep it inside.

My brother told me that zie is going to move into an ASPA apartment in Rajatorppa. My mom told hir that zie is always welcome to come home and call hir parents, and it warmed my heart that my mom loves my brother.

My mother went for a walk and I decided to leave about at six o'clock in the evening (6:00 pm). I took the bus 530 to Myyrmäki and went home.

I managed to hoover and mop the floor, take the laundry to the drying room, iron some linen, dust the carpet, and open the kitchen window to let some fresh air in.

The muscle behind my eye is not hurting anymore, but my eye and nose are itching and burning. Tomorrow I am going to the health center to have myself checked up, I want to know the cause behind this.