February 7th, 2015


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Saturday, January 7th: I will meet Suvicita in Horror Shop at noon, then we will go to Helsinki. I will spend the rest of the day doing housework; I need to hoover and mop the floor, dust the carpets and wash laundry and also scrub the bathroom.

Sunday, January 8th: I will go see my parents and do the housework I didn't manage to do on Saturday.

Monday, January 9th: I will have a doctor's appointment at the local health center at nine o'clock in the morning.

Tuesday, January 10th: Miia, my counselor from ASPA, will come visit me at one o'clock in the afternoon. At two o'clock in the afternoon, I will have an appointment with my nurse Saija at the psychiatric clinic.

Wednesday, January 11th: I will go see the movie Big Hero 6 in Kinopalatsi movie theater at 11:40 am, Emjuso and Elyseé will come with me. I will have a therapy session at three o'clock in the afternoon.
I'm going to order myself a ticket to Tallinn, buy late birthday & Christmas presents for Suvicita and buy the rest of the Valentine's day cards to my friends, and a sufficient amount of stamps, and also buy enough groceries.

Thursday, January 12th: Nothing special, I have planned to meet Eija.

Friday, January 13th: I will receive money (80 €) from my mother, then I will go to Suvicita's place for an overnight visit.

Saturday, January 14th: Me and Suvicita will travel to Tallinn in order to celebrate Valentine's day.

Sunday, January 15th: As it is halfway through the month again, I will clean up my apartment properly and then go see my parents.

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I looked through the Leelah Alcorn tag on Tumblr, and some of the stuff is really hateful.
It's already 2015, when do you guys learn you cannot justify your hate by blaming your victim for having no sense of humor? It's not even humor anymore, it's emotional abuse.
It's a different issue to get upset and speak your mind when someone says something hateful that offends you, than to actually have no sense of humor.