February 10th, 2015


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☮ I received mail yesterday, it was the riot grrl pocket mirror I had ordered from Etsy.com. I loved it, it took a while to arrive ever since I ordered it before Christmas but I forgive the person who sent it. Life tends to be a bit hectic now and then.

☮ Speaking of mail, my bae Sugar Lips finally received the package I sent hir eons ago :3 It was supposed to be a birthday gift, zie has hir birthday in March, but I sent in during autumn because I always found more stuff to send to hir and besides, sending a huge package in Priority class from Finland to Mexico is pretty expensive, not to mention that the postal system is pretty muddled where zie lives. Oh well, I'm glad it arrived and I hope zie will be happy ^_^

☮ I love seals so much, especially baby seals! I also found out that the cartoon White Seal (based on the part of Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling) is available on YouTube.
I tried watching it but it gave me so much feels, so there's no way I could possibly finish it ;^;

☮ Speaking of feels, I lent the third season of BBC Sherlock on DVD from the library, I should finish watching it but it gives me feels I cannot handle :< It's already past its due date, I should just return it and lend it again when I am emotionally stronger.

☮ I have decided to go see my paternal grandmother in Kangasala next week, I will travel there on Wednesday and return on Saturday; I would have loved to stay all the way to Sunday, but I have to return on Saturday to prepare for the next week.

☮ On Wednesday when I receive money, the first thing to do is to order tickets for a trip to Tallinn, me and Suvicita are going to celebrate Valentine's day. Suvicita told me that I don't need to buy any late birthday- or Christmas gifts for hir if I buy hir a ticket.
We are going to visit restaurants and shops, and we will also meet out mutual friend Katsa who is a gorgeous rock'n'roll babe like Suvicita.
After that, I will go to the bank to withdraw the rest of the money and then go buy groceries. I need to hurry because me and my friends Emjuso and Elyseé are going to go see the movie Big Hero 6 before noon. I hope I will be awake early.

☮ I have decided to order new boots next Friday when I am visiting my grandmother, that's when I receive my monthly guarantee welfare. I will be able to order the boots because now that I am away from the shopping centers of the metropolitan area, I won't be tempted to buy anything inane or frivolous.

☮ I have decided to copypaste my "real life" entries into my DeviantART journal, and also Tumblr.

What I wore on Tuesday, February 10th 2014

 photo IMG_1865_zpsdfwer3ei.jpg

It took me a while to take a proper photo because the sunlight comes flooding into my apartment and all the photos looked like I was trying to take a picture of an angel.

A grey sweater patterned with pastel- color candy hearts with "offensive" sayings like "CAN U NOT", "YOU SUCK", "JEALOUS MUCH?" "-AS IF-"

A kilt which is not actually a kilt but a little old lady skirt bought from Salvation Army.

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Reasons why I love visiting my grandmother:
☼ Zie cooks amazing food
☼ The nature around hir home is breathtakingly beautiful
☼ It does me good to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis for a while
☼ Sometimes we visit Tampere, which is about as awesome as Helsinki
☼ I love all my relatives ^_^
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Financial plans for this week

Tomorrow, like every Wednesday, I will receive the weekly allowance, it will be about 120 euros.

The first thing to do is to purchase the Eckerö Line tickets to Tallinn, for both Suvicita and me. Zie told me that I don't have to buy any late birthday & Christmas presents for hir if I buy hir a ticket. The tickets aren't too expensive, about 17 or 19 euros apiece.

I will also pay this month's payment for the laptop and USB dongle, it won't be too expensive.

I will go to the bank as soon as I am able, I guess the nervous pain in my head will wake me up before eight in the morning; the bank will be opened at ten o'clock in the morning.

I have taken up the habit of withdrawing the money at the bank, because my bank charges an euro for every withdraw at the ATM machine, which is really expensive in the long run. And besides, I enjoy visiting the bank for the humane contact with other people rather than relying on machines all the time.

The one thing I love is visiting the Salvation Army flea market which is right next to the bank, especially if I need to break a twenty euro bill. They sell Marimekko clothes and vintage dresses and some cute artifacts.

I already have all the hygiene products I need and I also don't need to buy much food, only milk and orange juice and some vegetables and fruits. So I will have plenty of money to buy something else.

I need to buy 22 Valentine's day cards and an equal amount of first class postage stamps. I have this policy when I buy cards during Valentine's day and Christmas; I buy two different designs, one for Finnish friends and one for friends outside Finland.

As for the Valentine's day cards, I have bought all the Finnish cards, stamped them and written the sender's & receiver's address and added my signature; a smiley, the peace sign, a heart and my name in cursive. I will send them tomorrow.

Elyseé called me and told me that zie can't go to the movies tomorrow, zie has an important meeting and Emjuso had to decline, too. I'm not angry or disappointed at all, I am too Zen for that. I'm glad that I don't have to hurry to the movie theater right after the grocery shopping.