February 11th, 2015


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Dearest, loveliest sweetcarolanne,

It came in the mail today and I practically bounced on the walls out of pure happiness!
The mermaid diary is amazing, the Pepper the Pinhead pendant is so adorable and so are the badges! The chocolates were eaten immediately ^_^

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As usual, I woke up early because the nervous pain in my head became too strong to tolerate.

I took my morning medicine, put salve into my eye, had a wash and dressed into one of my most prettiest outfit; I had a therapist’s appointment today and I wanted to make an impression.

I checked the balance of my bank account on the online bank service, I had received a sufficient amount of money. I paid a bill and ordered two cruise tickets to Tallinn and then went grocery shopping.

It was about half past eight o’clock in the morning, so the bank wasn’t opened yet. I withdrew money at the ATM machine and went to Citymarket to buy groceries; milk, orange juice, sugar, carrots and a cucumber. I already have enough food so I didn’t need to buy much.

After hauling the carrier bag home, I put the groceries into the fridge and ate some Shrovetide buns I had bought.

I heard a thunk when the mail arrived through the mail slot in my door. I went to see, and what do you know, I had received a package from Carol Anne! I immediately opened it and almost yelped with delight!

There was a mermaid diary, two chocolate hearts, two badges and a pendant and an adorable card! I almost cried tears of joy!

I took the lock out of the diary and put it into my bookshelf, ate the chocolates and put the pendants and badges into my jewelry box.

I washed a load of laundry, before the laundry basket became too full. I also hoovered the floor of my apartment and soon I had to hoover it again, mainly because I had spilled sugar on the floor. I re- arranged my CDs, DVDs, books, artifacts and diaries, and opened the kitchen window to let some fresh air in.

Later the day I went out for errands; I mailed the Valentine’s day cards, returned a DVD to the library, took my broadband bill to the social office and took a tube of Sibicort lotion to the pharmacy for recycling. It’s gone past its best before- date.

I took the bus 39 to Kamppi, and made it to the therapy session in time.
I talked about whatever subjects came into my mind, now that nothing too bad has happened I don’t have much to talk about.
We made a new appointment for next week on Tuesday, February 17th at midday.

After the appointment, I went to a stationery shop in Kamppi shopping center and bought seven Valentine’s day cards.

I went to see my parents because I needed to use their printer to print the cruise tickets. I took the bus 452 to Louhela and then the bus 516 to Raappavuori.

Only my brother was home. I printed the tickets, made coffee and ate whatever I could find from the fridge.

I took the bus 35 to Myyrmäki and went home. My apartment smelled ever so fresh and clean, mainly because I had forgotten to close the kitchen window when I left. I didn't mind at all.

I dealt my medicine into my Dosett and noticed that I was running out of Solian, so I called the pharmacy and asked them if all of the papers and forms are in order; I was told that I can visit the pharmacy tomorrow and fetch all the papers I need to receive co- payment from the social office. I wish I will be able to receive the batch this week, because I will go visit my grandmother next Wednesday and I will be away until Saturday.
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☮ I have an unholy love for pajama pants, I like to wear them as everyday trousers. I have only one pair of pajama pants I wear when I sleep, and I need to buy more of them so I can wear one pair while the other is in the laundry basket. Tarjoustalo and the UFF thrift shops in Freda and Iso- Roba sell some cute ones.

☮ Which reminds me, I only have three or four brassieres right now; I have such humongous boobs that it's hard to find a proper brassiere for them, something that is affordable, proper size and not one of those granny ones, I prefer cute and sweet ones with lots of lace and bows.

☮ I bought the rest of the Valentine's cards today, I wrote the sender's & receiver's addresses and my signature (smiley face, peace sign and a heart, and "Miia" in cursive), and I ran out of stamps after five of them. Well, two first class stamps are not going to break my bank.

☮ On Friday I will receive money again, my mom will give me 100 euros. As I have said before, zie gives me 80 euros every payday zie has but I asked her to give me a bit more since I am going to Tallinn the next day, so I can buy souvenirs and stuff like that.

☮ I also have to buy birthday cards for each and every single one of my friends who has their birthday this month; Kaarle, Sarah, Carlo, Emilia and Heidi.

☮ I have decided to order new vegan biker bitch boots on February 20th; my old boots have holes at the soles, I can't put it off anymore. I will be at my grandmother's by then, that's also when I receive my monthly welfare. I have drawn out a plan, I will use Wednesday's money only to purchase a Greyhound ticket to Kangasala, and save the rest of the money until Friday when I receive more money, and then I will order the boots.
I won't buy food since I will eat well at my grandmother's, and my mother will probably give me a little spending money if we visit Tampere to go to cafes and museums.

☮ My head hurts really bad, even if my blood sugar is balanced and I have gotten plenty of fresh air today. I guess it's the nervous pain due to the herpes zortex. I wish I could get better soon, at least the medical treatment is soon over.