February 13th, 2015


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This morning I managed to have a wash and cook a decent breakfast. Yay, me.

I went to see my mom, zie gave me 110 euros but I spent most of it when I recharged my travel card and bought the rest of the Valentine's day cards, one for my therapist and one for my grandmother, and this month's birthday cards. Too bad Idea is going to be closed down for good, I loved their amazing selection of greeting cards.

I went to the social office and applied for a coupon I can use to buy Solian (anti- psychotic) and Ketipinor (anti- mood swing). Fortunately I received it in half an hour and went to the pharmacy to buy the medicine but I was told that the prescription for Ketipinor has not been renewed yet. Now that I think about it, I guess I had forgotten about it.
Anyway, I received a new batch of Solian.

Once back home, I washed the dirty dishes, hoovered the floor, took out the recycling and cleaned out the drawers of my working desk.

I went to Suvicita's place for a sleepover because me and hir are going to Tallinn tomorrow, our ship leaves at half past eight o'clock in the morning so it's better that we leave at the same time.
I took the bus 45K to Katriina about before six o'clock in the evening, Suvicita picked me up from the bus station and gave me a lift to hir home.

Hir German shepherd Jofa is as crazy as zie usually is, but I didn't let it bother me. I drank some cocoa, ate a sandwich and some salted crisps and wrote into my diary.

I guess I will go to bed now.
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