February 16th, 2015


Me and Suvi's journey to Tallinn; a full report

I slept on Suvicita’s bed pretty well, and fortunately I didn’t have nightmares about the worst that could happen during our trip to Tallinn. Usually if I have something important to do the next day such as go for a journey or have a special appointment, I always have bad dreams about it.

I woke up early because the nervous pain kept me awake. I dressed up, took my morning medicine and had a few mugs of cocoa and au naturel crisps for breakfast. I decided to wear my Hello Kitty pajama pants and the Ramones hoodie, as I predicted it would be cold today.

Suvicita’s father gave us a lift to Ruoholahti, where our ship left. It was a horrid weather, the wind blew and it rained icy water. Fortunately we arrived in time so we didn’t have to run like we usually have to when we go to the harbor.

Once in the ship, we went to a cafe where we had breakfast, Suvicita had a hearty amount of bacon, fried potatoes and scrambled eggs. I only had a glass of orange juice that tasted like monkey sweat, bleh. I almost fell asleep right where I sat, and I wasn’t too hungry.

We went to Tax Free where we smelled different perfumes. Then we went to sit on the floor and I just slept for the rest of the journey; I’m still not used to getting up early in the morning.

Once in Tallinn, the weather was colder than in Finland and at one point it started snowing.

We went to Sadamarket, where Suvicita looked for weapons and I looked for flowery nightshirts. We are so different, but still good friends! I bought a cute little mathryoska doll (I needed one for my artifact collection) and a flowery nightshirt (I decided to keep it as Elyseé’s ”sleepover nightshirt”, so zie doesn’t have to bring her own when zie comes for a sleepover).

We went to a cafe named Madonna where we had coffee, and then to a pub named Scotland Yard which reminded me of the BBC TV show Sherlock. Suvicita had beer and I had orange juice, and it made us laugh that I’m probably the only Finnish tourist in Tallinn that doesn’t drink booze!

We went to Virukeskus and I visited Accessorize where I bought a cute pink flower hair clip, and what do you know, my hair is still quite short but I still managed to fix it into my hair.

We went to Peetri Pitsa, a pizzeria for lunch, we had to wait for Suvicita’s order for a long time because there were many customers. At one point, the restaurant was full of steam.

Suvi texted to Katsa, our Estonian friend, and we agreed to meet in Virukeskus.
Later the day we met hir, and zie looked as lovely as zie always does! Zie is such a cutie with her curly red hair, a cute button of a nose, icy blue eyes and a dazzling smile! I greeted hir heartily and zie thanked me for the Valentine’s day card I had sent hir. We were all smiles and very happy.

We went to this cafe which had a Valentine’s day offer, two lattes for the price of one. The treat was on Katsa.
We had lattes with whipped cream, strawberry syrup, chocolate sprinkles and coconut flakes, it tasted good.

After the little refreshment, we went to a perfume shop where we smelled different perfumes. I think my favorite perfume is Glow by Jennifer Lopez.

Later the day it started snowing. We hugged Katsa and bid hir goodbye, promising to see hir again; then me and Suvicita went to a booze shop where zie bought a bottle of wine for Pärkele, beer for hirself and a bottle of orange juice we could drink on the ship.

Once in the harbor, we went to the bar to spend time until it was time to board the ship.

Once in the ship, we sat on the floor which had a carpeting, it was softer for our butts. We snapped photos and joked around, it was amazing how sleepy I had been in the morning and now that it was evening I felt cheery and in high spirits. Later the evening we fell silent because we were so sleepy.

We met Justus Pelle (pelle = clown in Finnish) who was supposed to entertain the children. Suvicita took a photo of us and joked that Justus was my new husband.

Once in Helsinki, everything was covered in snow so I guessed it had been snowing here, too. Suvicita’s father picked us up and drove us home in hir car. Once in Suvi’s place, I went to the sauna and washed my hair, and after taking my evening medicine and putting on my pajamas, I went to bed.

The next day Suvicita gave me a lift to Katriina, where I took the bus 45 to Myyrmäki. Once home, I didn’t feel like doing housework, I just slept the whole day because I was still tired after the journey, but I was happy.

ZOMG, my 4000th entry!

When I was young, I thought my life was a story of success.

When I faced troubles, I thought my life was a story of survival.

Everything that happened to me, could happen to you.

Nevertheless, I am still alive and I will keep on rockin', being happy and making others happy, too.

My life is a story of hurt and healing, sunbeams and some beans, and the sun shining through dark clouds and a rose growing in a thicket of nettles.

I love you all, you deserve to be very happy. It gets better.
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Would you like to receive an Easter surprise from me?

Valentine's day is over, and they already sell Easter stuff :D I am going to buy some of those egg- shaped tins, fill them with candy and jewelry and stuff, and send them to my friends but only those who make a request; I would LOVE to send each and every single one of my friends a surprise but you have to realize that I have a limited budget and not enough time.

So, if you want an Easter surprise, comment on this entry and send me your home address to smekkleysa@hotmail.fi, and also remember to request what kind of candy or other things you would like, such as if you have a chocolate allergy or stuff like that.

sweetcarolanne, after I return from visiting my grandmother this Saturday, I am going to start constructing your late birthday/Christmas/Valentine's day package, I'm glad that you don't mind if it arrives a bit late :3 And also, since we are good friends and soul sisters, I am going to send you an Easter surprise as well :D

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I had dreams about Rautalampi once again. The dreams turned into an absurd Disney movie which I didn’t like, but fortunately I woke up early because, as usual, I had such a horrid headache. Fortunately I was going to have an appointment with my doctor today, perhaps zie could find a cure.

I took my morning medicine, brushed my teeth, washed my face and anointed it with lotion, dressed up and cooked a decent breakfast. While taking my vitamin supplements, I felt like I was going to puke but fortunately I didn’t. I have done enough puking in my life, I thought.

The doctor’s appointment was at quarter to one o’clock in the afternoon (12:45 am).
The doctor shone a small light into my right eye and told me that despite the eye is still a bit reddish, the cornea is intact so I don’t have to put the salve into my eye anymore. Zie renewed my painkiller prescription and told me that if I still experience the nervous pain in my head, I can raise the dosage to three pills every morning and evening.

I went to Myyrmanni shopping mall and mailed the birthday cards and the rest of the Valentine’s day cards.
I ran into my friend Lauski, zie thanked me for the Valentine’s day card and we hugged each other, then I excused myself and bid hir goodbye. I immediately felt bad for leaving so early, I could have hung out with hir for a longer time. I hope zie didn’t feel offended; later the day I sent hir a message on Facebook, saying it was nice seeing hir and apologized for leaving so early.

Once back home, I washed two loads of laundry, clothes (if I have my laundry basket overflowing with clothes, I usually wash them in two loads; first the underwear and clothes I have just bought, and then the rest of the clothes) and bed linen.
I surfed on the Internet, scribbled into my diary and drank some coffee. My stomach felt a bit empty, but I didn’t feel hungry.
I am getting worried about my appetite, I very rarely feel hungry and that’s why I eat a little. Usually I just drink coffee all day, I don’t even feel like eating chocolate and crisps which is even more worrying.
I’m glad I will go visit my grandmother, zie cooks amazing food; I love her salmon soup and macaroni casserole!

I decided to head downtown to Girls House, my favorite hangout which has saved me from being bored to tears many times.
I took out the garbage while walking to the bus station. I decided to go for an urbane adventure, so I took the bus 55 to Tikkurila, then the bus 62 to Hakunila and then the bus 741 to Hakaniemi where Girls House is resided.

Once in Girls House, I learned that it was closed because it was winter break. I was a bit bewildered about it, considering that many girls would have enough time visiting Girls House now that they didn’t have to go to school.
Well, I was too Zen to let it bother me, so I took the subway to Kaisaniemi (the subway station has changed its name from ”Kaisaniemi” to ”Helsingin Yliopisto”, Helsinki University, but it will always be Kaisaniemi to me), walked along Aleksanterinkatu and visited Hennes & Mauritz. Even if the aforementioned clothing shop is widely regarded as a ”valley girl” shop, they have many ”alternative” clothes that I enjoy wearing.

I went to Citykäytävä and visited Behnford’s, a small shop that sells all kinds of American and British groceries you cannot usually get from Finland; my favorites are Cadbury’s milk chocolate and JellyBelly jelly beans. I have been thinking of tasting a Twinkie, I have heard they taste bad but I wouldn’t know before I have had one.

It had been a sunny but a chilly day, the sun was setting and the horizon was colored fabulously, like a mood ring.

I took the bus 452 to Myyrmäki, when stepping off the bus I waved my hand to the driver and said ”Thank you!”, I have seen some passengers do that so I will do that from now on, in my quest of making others happy.

I visited Myyrmanni shopping mall and went to Hennes & Mauritz to see if they still had this adorable sweater for sale, I had been planning to send it to Alena, one of my friends on Tumblr, and they had it! I’m going to buy it after I come back from Kangasala.

Once back home, I made coffee, updated my blog, called my mom (I asked hir to give me money for my journey to Kangasala, and some more money to buy more medicine) and my dad (zie ordered me virus protection and Microsoft Word with hir credit card, and now the orders need to be renewed).

I felt the need to take a hot shower, not the kind of shower where I wash myself but the kind of shower where I just sit on the floor of the shower stall, feeling miserable while the hot water washes over me, it might feel good like in a sauna but it uses up so much water and makes my skin dry.
I beat the feeling by anointing my body with basic lotion, I didn’t feel like taking a shower because I felt comfortable enough and besides, I didn’t want the lotion to be washed off. I think I will do it every evening.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day; I have a therapy session at midday, after that I need to go back home straight away because Miia from ASPA is coming for a home visit. After that my parents are going to visit me, my dad will use his credit card to order me the virus protection and Microsoft Word and my mom will give me the money for the journey to Kangasala, and buy me the medicine I need.
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