February 18th, 2015


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Because I’m on heavy- duty painkillers now, the nervous pain in my head got better. I can still feel the pain if I stroke my hair or the right side of my face, but anyhow, this morning I didn't wake up early because the pain didn't bother me anymore.

I slept quite late and had to use all my willpower so I would get up in time, since I was going to take the Greyhound bus to Kangasala; I was going to go visit my grandmother.

I got up, took my morning medicine and dressed up, washed the sleep from my eyes and anointed my face with lotion. I had told my mom I was going to take a shower, zie told me that I should wash my hair before going to see grandmother.

I packed the rest of my stuff, took out the recycling and took a healthcare bill to the social office. I knew I was supposed to wash the dishes and take out the garbage, but I couldn't be bothered and now I wonder why.

I took the bus 39 to Kamppi and went to the Greyhound bus station and purchased a ticket to Kangasala and back. I had received money today and paid a debt to Suvicita, and I had enough money left that when I receive my guarantee welfare on Friday, I will be able to order a new pair of vegan biker bitch boots. I just checked the online store and I realized that if I fetch the boots from their shop in Helsinki, I don't have to pay any postage costs or whatever they are called.

Once in the Greyhound, I called my mom and told hir I was in the bus and doing okay, then I called my grandmother and told hir that the bus will arrive at Kangasala train station at ten minutes past six o’clock in the evening (6:10 pm).

The trip went smoothly, I scribbled into my diary and made shopping lists into the memory pad of my cellphone.

Once in Kangasala, my grandmother was waiting for me and zie didn’t make a fuss about my short hair or my clothes.

We went to hir home, zie gave me two boiled eggs and some Karelian pies for supper and also coffee and home- baked buns for dessert.

Tomorrow we are going to Tampere, we will visit this art museum and Moomin museum, my grandmother told me it’s pretty awesome.

Everything is fine by now.
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