February 20th, 2015


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Today was mostly ordinary; I had breakfast, lunch and supper with my grandmother and run a few errands for hir.

I received my guarantee welfare this morning, I used it and the rest of the money from Wednesday to order a new pair of vegan biker bitch boots from Heluna, I chose picking them up from their shop in Helsinki so I don't have to pay any postal costs. I don't know when the boots are going to arrive, but I think the shop will contact me with a text message or an e- mail. Which I hope happens soon.

I also went to an art museum right in the downtown Kangasala. The art was awesome, my favorites were these photo- like pictures of women swimming in underwater cities. They were done by a Finnish woman, someone named Susanna.

To be honest, I sure love my grandmother but I also love going back home tomorrow.
I'm going to take the Greyhound bus that leaves at twenty- five minutes to ten o'clock in the morning (9:35 am) and arrives at five to noon in the morning (11:55 am).

I don't know if this is just the blues I feel almost every evening, but I feel a tad bit alienated from my blog, which is a big deal because my blog is my lifeline. I feel as if back when I wrote into my old blog, I wasn't so critical about my writing like I am now. I feel the same way about my diaries, but not about my poetry or the novels I am working on right now.
I can barely watch Transformers: Animated because it gives me so many feels, and I can't even work on my novel The Miracle of the Wild Roses because it gives me feels, too.
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