February 22nd, 2015


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After getting up from the bed, I rose on my tiptoes and stretched my whole body with my arms above my head, and smiled broadly simply to exercise my facial muscles and to start my day more positively.

I took my morning medicine, had a wash and dressed into my prettiest outfit.
I drank coffee and ate chocolate and salted crisps for breakfast, then I turned on my lappy to surf on the Internet.

When my online connection stopped working, I decided to go visit my parents.

I took the bus 53 to Raappavuori, my parents and brother were home.
Dad was reading, mom went to the gym and at one point, my brother called me "Miiastelija", and I called him "Samistelija" (hir name is Sami) and I felt warm in my heart that my brother remembered our old joke.

Later the day I took the bus 35 to Louhela and visited Myyrmanni shopping mall, I went to Hennes & Mauritz and practically swooned at the awesome clothes, and I was happy to see that they still had that sweater for sale that I had been planning to send to Alena, one of my Dutch friends whom I had met on Tumblr. The moment I saw the sweater, I knew it was exactly hir type and I was certain zie would like it. I will buy one next week, they still have about five of them left, and send it to hir in a package with the Easter surprise.

I visited Cubus to swoon at even more awesome clothes. They also had some proper brassieres for sale, I am going to buy one next week since I only have about four brassieres now.

I also went to BR Lelut, a toy shop to look for toys I could furnish my apartment with, and then to Glitter, a jewelry shop to look for earrings. I also saw some cute hair bands I could use as bracelets.

I visited Citymarket, my favorite grocery shop, to swoon at the Easter candy (it's amazing, Valentine's day was a week ago and they're already selling Easter candy) and to plan for next week's grocery shopping list.

I also visited the stationery shop that had been moved to the empty premises right next to where the old stationery shop resided.
I swooned at the Easter cards and the Keri Smith journals.

Once back home, I took a long time planning for tomorrow's outfit; I will have the pesky meeting with my mom, my nurse and the student welfare counselor in my school. Wish me luck!
At first I thought of wearing my rockabilly outfit to make myself feel more bad ass, but then again, if I wore my leather jacket at this season I would freeze my butt off, so I decided to wear my blue Dirndl dress and a stripy blouse with the Pepper the Pinhead pendant I had received from my friend Schlitzie Ramone <3

I think I will watch Ghost World, clean up the bathroom and wash the dishes. I will set my alarm clock to ring at half past eight o'clock in the morning (08:30 am). I will go see the movie Big Hero 6, 2D version with Finnish dubbing. I prefer original dubbing, but for this movie it was only available in 3D. I don't like 3D movies, the tickets are too expensive and no matter if you wear the 3D glasses or not, I cannot see the movie clearly.
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I renewed my Netflix membership and got the first month for free, and I am still mad about the fact that they don't have Ghost World, Snowpiercer, The Fault In Our Stars or the Hobbit movies, bleh. Fortunately they have BBC Sherlock and Transformers: Animated, both of which I cannot watch because they give me so much feels. At least they have two of my favorite movies, Wreck- It Ralph and Mean Girls.

I feel the same blues I feel almost every single evening, even if everything is alright, or at least should be alright. During moments like these I don't simply feel a bit downcast, I feel almost devastatingly depressed and paralyzed, and like someone is stabbing me into the heart with an icicle or wringing my heart with a cold fist.

I think it happens because I have a low blood sugar; all I ever ate today was chocolate and crisps in the morning and a can of tuna in sunflower oil when I visiting my parents.