February 23rd, 2015


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Today I was supposed to go to the movies to see Big Hero 6 and endure this pesky meeting with my mother, school welfare counselor Malla W. and my nurse Saija S. What made it pesky was the fact that my mom was going to attend it, zie has got a temper.

I had to wake up early in the morning, just when my bed felt strangely comfortable. Fortunately I managed to get up, take my morning medicine, dress up and wash the sleep out of my eyes.

I took the M train to Helsinki, then the subway to Kamppi and went to Tennispalatsi movie theater, where I bought a ticket to the movie.

I liked the movie, it was fun and colorful and just enough full of action for a kid’s movie, and I liked the fact that the movie had people of color in the main roles; Hiro and Tadashi being Asian, Wasabi being Afro- American and Honey Lemon was supposed to be Latina, at least zie had a Latina voice actor (Genesis Rodriguez) and hir concept art featured a Latina character.

After the movie, I hung around downtown until it was time to go to school; I went to the computer room in the third floor and tried logging in to a computer to use the Internet, but the computer told me that my old password had expired.

I went to the cafeteria to write into my diary and wait until my mom showed up.

In the end, the meeting went pretty smoothly. We decided to wait until it was time to apply to Keskuspuisto, until that I would continue studying in the workshop.

After the meeting my mom was in high spirits and I was a bit downcast. We went to Robert’s Coffee in Pasila station, I got a tall glass of cocoa with whipped cream and coconut flavored syrup.

I took the M train to Myyrmäki, hung around in the shopping mall for a bit and then went back home.
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