March 5th, 2015


A bloo bloo bloo

As I mentioned in my last entry, I have had an emotional crisis for the past week. I don't know why but it must have something to do with my PMS; I hate it how I have to go through this shit every month, I feel horrid as if I have gone years back in my process of getting mentally better; the voices inside my head get worse, I am angry and moody to the point of feeling murderous and I drink water to the point of throwing up. I don't have anything against menstruation, but I wish I didn't have PMS, it's worse than the carnage in my panties.

I feel as if days are too long, since I wake up early every morning to my forehead and scalp itching like hell and don't feel like sleeping any longer, tossing and turning in agony and willing the itching to go down. Then I get up and do the morning routines as usual, take a nap until it's afternoon and then go to Helsinki.

I renewed my Netflix subscription, and now that I have got over the worst angst I can finally watch movies without drowning in *feels*. I started watching Doctor Who, it seems really nice. I guess I am also getting in the Gravity Falls fandom, my favorite character is Daniel "Manly Dan" Corduroy because he's such a loving father and an actually funny parody of stereotypical masculinity.