March 11th, 2015


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I haven't updated for a while now, because I have had a severe bout of depression and also a bad case of PMS for a while now. But I will never stop updating my blog, because this blog is my lifeline. Sometimes I just need a creative break.

I have tried updating many times, without succeeding. I have been watching Doctor Who (the one with Christopher Eccleston) on Netflix, eating chocolate pudding with whipped cream (my new comfort food) and being maudlin. I have also visited Girls House many times and avoided school.

Things are looking up to me now, the sun shines here where I live and most of the snow has melted away, soon I am able to take up bicycling. Spring is coming, and the nearer it comes the happier I feel. Also, it's Easter next month, the national holiday for over- consuming chocolate.

I ordered myself a pair of new vegan biker bitch boots from Heluna, but they were too small for me, and I couldn't have them exchanged into bigger ones because I had worn them once. That's why I am going to buy a new pair this month.

I accidentally broke the zipper of my Monster High backpack, I am going to have it fixed at Bargs because I am not ready to give it up yet. I am going to start using it during winters, I am going to buy myself a new shoulder bag from GlobeHope, put all my pins and badges into it and use it during the warm season.
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This morning my nurse Saija called me and asked me if I had forgotten about the doctor's appointment; we were supposed to discuss my mental well- being, whether I still qualify for pension or not.

I quickly changed from pajamas into my most dapper outfit, took my morning medicine and then I was off. I am lucky that the clinic is a short walk away from my home, like most of the services in Myyrmäki; the library, social office, art museum, health center...

The doctor was a Finnish woman, really smart and calm. We talked about stuff and then me and Saija made a new appointment on March 30th at two o'clock in the afternoon.

I went to the library and went to a computer; I logged in to the online bank service and noticed I had received money. I paid a debt to Suvicita, then I went to the ATM machine to withdraw 40 euros and used it all on food and hygiene.

I went home, put the groceries into their rightful places, had a little snack and then I had to leave again; I had a therapist's appointment at half past one in the afternoon.

I visited the bank to withdraw the rest of the money, then I took the M train to Helsinki and the subway to Kamppi, and made it to the therapist's appointment.
Last week's appointment had been bleak, I had just muttered about this and that, but this time I managed to talk about many things and I was in a happy mood.

We made a new appointment on next week's Wednesday at the same time, half past one in the afternoon.

I went to Girls House to write into my diary and spend time. After that, I walked to Sörnäinen and visited Heluna, a shop specializing in vegan fashion like shoes and cosmetics. I asked them to put a pair of biker boots aside, I am going to pick them up next week's Friday.

I took the subway to the city center and the bus 452 to Myyrmäki. I went to Myyrmanni shopping mall and visited Hennes & Mauritz to buy myself a new spring coat, gray with a fake fur lining on the hood. I am going to wear it until it gets warmer and I get to wear my "My Little Pony Goes Rock" hoodie and the pink PLO scarf.

Once back home, I washed a load of laundry, took out the recycling, washed the dishes and cleaned up the bathroom. I have decided to make Wednesday a housecleaning day, like Saturday.
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