March 14th, 2015


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I woke up moderately early, but decided to sleep a little later because my bed felt so extraordinarily comfortable and I was having such nice dreamy little dreams.

I got up at two o'clock in the afternoon, took my medicine and dressed up. I decided to wear one of my hippie dresses, a long pink dress with embroideries, because it would be fit for doing housework. I didn't bother with brushing my teeth and having a wash because it wasn't technically morning anymore, but I guess I will do it every day from now on, regardless how late I get up.

I knew I should do housework as it was weekend again, but instead I decided to visit my parents' home again because I felt a craving for coffee and I didn't have coffee at my place. I wish I could overcome my coffee addiction, and also my constant craving for chocolate. I'm visiting my doctor next month, I hope zie can help me.

I got late from the buses 53 and 55, but fortunately I made it to the bus 530 and traveled to Raappavuori. My brother was home, zie was cooking lunch.

I made a few cups of coffee with milk and sugar, until I was satisfied enough. I took a shower, my parents had taken most of their shampoos and lotions to their journey to the Canary Islands, but they had left something.

Later the day I decided to walk back to Myyrmäki, once there I visited Myyrmanni shopping mall and looked for new clothes, jewelry and artifacts, the stuff I usually want. I felt slightly bitter for not being able to afford all the amazing stuff I want.

I went back home and started doing housework; I had kept the kitchen window and balcony door open to let the fresh air in during my absence, so my apartment smelled lovely.

So far I have hoovered and mopped the floor, right now I am washing the first load of laundry. I guess I will do some more housework this evening, but I will also save something for tomorrow.

I have mostly been doing okay, except for the usual delusions I have during every day, I have felt angry because the voices inside my head bother me so much, I have also felt happy because of the coffee, showering, sunshine and doing housework, and bitter for the reason I mentioned earlier; being a welfare recipient and wanting to live a glamorous lifestyle.

I'm glad my PMS and bout of depression are over, but my "evening blues" are not. I know I should maintain a healthy diet because nutrition is what is the most important building block in both mental and physical health, but healthy food is very expensive these days.

When I looked through my user icons, I noticed I was feeling nostalgic simply because I haven't updated for a while.
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