March 17th, 2015

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I fear that I am losing my interest in my LiveJournal blog. The thought absolutely horrifies me, because I have recorded all my memories here for over ten years and made lots of amazing friends. I have to keep on writing for my own sake.

My sleeping pattern has changed again; I wake up earlier now that the sun rises early, and I snooze off for a long time even if I don't feel like fantasizing and dreaming my dreamy little dreams. This morning I managed to get up at half past eleven o'clock, if I remember correctly.

I took my morning medicine, brushed my teeth, washed my face and anointed it with lotion, dressed up and put on jewelry, cooked a breakfast and took my vitamin supplements.

I decided to go visit Kiasma, the modern art museum in Helsinki today. The museum was finally opened after a year- long renovation.

I had plenty of time, so I decided to go on an urbane adventure. I took the bus 55 to Tikkurila, then the bus 62 to Mellunmäki and then a subway to the city center. During the journey I received a phone call from the health center, I was told that the doctor's appointment has been moved from April 9th to April 1st. I was glad about that. I originally made an appointment with my doctor to see why the right side of my head itches like hell even if I have been cured from the herpes zoster, but now the itching is gone but I still need a yearly check- up and also some sort of cure for the eczema on my right wrist.

Once downtown, I went to the museum and got in with my Friends of Kiasma card.
The air inside the museum was hot and humid.
There was only one exhibition, photos by Robert Mapplethorpe. Some of the photos were really erotic and almost pornographic, it made me think that Eija wouldn't exactly be pleased if I brought hir in here.

I decided to go visit my parents, they had returned from their vacation in the Canary Islands.
I took the M train to Myyrmäki and then the bus 53 to Raappavuori, during the journey I called my mom and told hir I am coming over, zie was at work at that moment but said it's fine.

Once there, I made a couple of cups of coffee and fixed a few healthy sandwiches, ate all their cherry tomatoes and the licorice bars they had bought from Tax- Free.

I read the comic section on the daily newspaper and thought that if more people read the comics rather than the news about war, famine and stuff, they would smile more. Of course, I understand that people shouldn't turn their backs to the suffering in the world and dwell in a happy plastic bubble.

I walked to Martinlaakso station and caught the bus 56K to Myyrmäki.

Once back home, the first thing to notice was that the air was hot and humid, so I opened the kitchen window.

Later the day Elyseé called me and asked me to visit our friend Pia R. who lives in a house right next to mine. Elyseé also told me the door code and asked me to bring Tintin's hoodie which zie had forgotten at my place.

Pia lives in an apartment almost identical to mine, it's in the box of flats I can see outside the balcony and kitchen window which are on the same side.
Along with Elyseé and Tintin, Lauski was also visiting hir. Pia made us coffee, I ate a carrot, read some Grimm fairytales and complimented Pia on hir galaxy counterpane that was fresh out of a dryer.

Later the day I went back home and I was in such a good mood that I finally managed to wash the dishes and do a number of housework.

Tomorrow will be a busy day; I have to renew my Solian prescription, because it's an imported medicine I need to take the prescription in paper form to the psychiatric policlinic and retrieve it later, it cannot be renewed through the Internet.
I also need to take two old herpes zoster medicines, the pain killers and the eye salve, to the pharmacy for recycling, and take some books to the library and return bottles.
I will also receive the weekly allowance (82,50€). First I thought of saving it for Friday when I receive my monthly guarantee welfare (108,38€) so I can finally purchase a new pair of vegan biker bitch boots.
But then again, I think I can manage until April 22nd when I receive both my weekly and monthly allowance and that's when I can afford buying them. I also need to buy food (a week's worth of healthy, nutritious food doesn't come in cheap), hygiene, vitamin supplements (garlic oil capsules, biotin and chrome) and new socks (all my current ones have holes in them).
I will also have a therapy appointment at half past one in the afternoon. It will be a busy day indeed.
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