March 20th, 2015


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I woke up when I received a package in the mail, I heard a "thunk!" from the front door went to pick it up. My heart took a flight when I noticed it was the promised Easter surprise from sweetcarolanne, I immediately opened it and almost yelped with joy; there was the cutest little monkey plush toy, a package of Cadbury's chocolate eggs, a pendant that looked like a golden whistle and a cute little card. I loved each and every single one of the gifts, thank you very much!

I also got a beautiful card from my friend weirdsister_fis, I felt warm in my heart to think that zie thinks fondly of me ♥

After the morning routines, I went to the bank in Iso- Myyri shopping mall to withdraw hundred euros. I had received my guarantee welfare today, and I needed to do some discreet shopping.

The first thing to buy was a dress from Hennes & Mauritz in Myyrmanni shopping mall; a light gray glittery cotton dress with long sleeves, like a sweater with a hem. It would look dashing with my kutte.

I also needed to buy useful stuff so I visited Life, a health shop, to buy nutrition supplements; garlic oil capsules (to boost my immune system), chrome (to balance my blood sugar and cease the sweet cravings) and biotin (to strengthen my nails and hair).

Then I visited Citymarket and bought enough food and hygiene products to serve me until next Wednesday. The last place to visit was Ärrä kiosk where I bought a Spotify gift card; it doesn't accept my debit card, so I buy a gift card each month and use it to get Premium for free. I don't know how long I can keep it up before I am sued.

Once back home, I put my belongings into their rightful places (I think I am going senile, I accidentally wrote "I but me belongings into my rightful places") and had a little snack.

Later the day I took the M train to Helsinki in order of going to see the movie Kingsman, but in the middle of the journey I changed my mind and got off at Pasila train station. Now I regret it, I should have gone see it. I guess I will go see the movie on Wednesday.

Instead, I went to Robert's Coffee and had hot chocolate with whipped cream, chocolate sauce and coconut syrup.

I took the M train back to Myyrmäki. There was some sort of happening in the station, the train station building had been renovated and now it was going to be opened for the public. Nevertheless, I am still scared of moving there; there are drunkards and crackheads abound who harass women, break bottles, scatter syringes, piss and shit all over the place and so on. All the bright paintings don't make the place any more safer.

I went home, watched Doctor Who on Netflix until I got to know Tenth Doctor, and then it was time to go see Pinky, zie had hir birthday party today. I had bought hir a card with a cute picture of a mermaid, and a bag of cheezy poofs.

Once in hir place, there was also A-P, Lauski, Viltsu, Tintin and two girls I didn't recognize, but they were all very nice to me.

We ate the party treats, some were drinking alcohol, sang the birthday song to Pinky, and when the others requested we watch Salatut Elämät, a popular Finnish TV show, I decided to leave because I hate that show and besides, I needed to go to the shops.

I went to Hennes & Mauritz in Myyrmanni shopping mall and bought an adorable piece of jewelry from the kids' department, I decided to wear it tomorrow.

Once back home, I watched more Doctor Who until I was drowning in *feels*. Then I decided to go to sleep.

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I hate it how I have this constant need to eat something, preferably treats like chocolate and chips.
I feel as if I have the need to munch on something, have something in my mouth; I guess it's because I don't have a healthy diet or a regular meal routine (breakfast in the morning, lunch at noon and dinner at afternoon and supper in the evening, with snacks between them).

The only things preventing me from improving my diet are that food is goddamn expensive these days, especially healthy food like vegetables and fruits.
I don't have a proper daily routine provided by school or work, so I can't have regular meals; breakfast before school/work, lunch at school/work, dinner after school/work.
Not to mention that I am really fussy about food and I have such a lousy appetite, there's no way I can actually force myself to eat meals if I don't feel like eating or I am simply not hungry.

The one problem about food is that I always have the annoying habit of "gobbling up" my meals; I stuff my mouth full and I don't chew properly. I have tried to improve on that, without succeeding.

I also drink gallons of water, and I don't know why.

Whoever knew that such a simple pleasantry in every human being's life could turn out to be such a problem.