March 22nd, 2015


My plans for Monday, March 23rd - Sunday, March 28th

Monday, March 23rd: I will go to Girls' House right after it's opened.

Tuesday, March 24th: Kaima, my worker from ASPA, will come visit me at half past one o'clock in the afternoon (1:30 pm). If I get up early, I will go to the gym before the visit. I will walk on the treadmill on "Fat Burn" setting for half an hour, use all the exercise machines, and lift hand weights. After that, I will go to the swimming pool and then to the sauna.

Wednesday, March 25th: I will receive the weekly allowance, the first thing to do is to buy the necessary food and hygiene, I also need a bicycle pump and a new mop handle.
I will have a therapy appointment at half past one o'clock in the afternoon (1:30 pm). If I have enough money left by then, I will go to the movies to see Kingsman.

Thursday, March 26th: Nothing special yet.

Friday, March 27th: Nothing special yet.

Saturday, March 28th: I will do the necessary housework; replace towels and bed linen and wash them, hoover and mop the floor, dust the carpet and scrub the bathroom sink and toilet bowl. I will also go to the gym and swimming pool and repeat the same routine I always do; half an hour on the treadmill, all the exercise machines, hand weights, then to the swimming pool.

Sunday, March 29th: I will go visit my parents. I will also turn my clocks to Daylight Savings Time.

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☮ I still laugh at the memory about me and my brother talking about random stuff, and I misheard my brother say something like “Monkey exploded during the New Year's Eve”.

☮ My suffragette sister Trauma has introduced me to the movie Kingsman, which is in theaters right now. Usually I don't care about action movies, but I think that my inner fangirl could like the daddy kink between Eggsy and Hartwin <3

☮ Easter is coming, but I don't think I will eat chocolate this year. It makes my teeth ache so bad I feel agony, and besides, I don't crave for chocolate as much as I used to. At this point, I actually feel like if there's going to be a chocolate shortage in the world in twelve years from now on, I really don't give a fuck.

☮ As for Easter, I am going to my parents' home for a two- night sleepover during the Easter break, and perhaps to Suvicita's home for another two nights if that's okay with hir. I don't fancy staying at home when all the shops, museums, libraries and Girls' House are closed, I will be bored enough to chew on my own toenails for shits n' giggles.

☮ I have been thinking of joining the Gravity Falls and Steven Universe fandoms, along with Supernatural and Bioshock.

☮ Now that I have gotten my groove back, I think I will continue updating every day. I usually write three different entries daily; “real life”, “random thoughts” and “counting my blessings”. I will also write “plans for the week” each Sunday.

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I hate it how I always start my “real life” journal entries by writing “This morning...” or “I woke up...”, I should think up something more original.

It was still dark outside when I woke up to a terrible need to pee, I almost felt my bladder bulge through my abdomen. I went to the bathroom to relieve myself, then I went to bed and for a moment thought if I should already do the morning routines, but it was too early.

I got up later. After finishing the morning routines, I went to the gym.

It was bitterly cold outside. Once in the gym, I walked on the treadmill for 20 minutes on the Manual setting for 5,5 kilometers an hour, and then 5 minutes “cool down”, and managed to burn 90 calories. Then I tried the exercise machines and lifted weights.

Once back home, I scrubbed the bathroom sink and toilet bowl and wiped the mirror clean, rolled up the carpet and took it to the balcony, hoovered the floor and I would have mopped it too, but the handle or rod or whatever you call the broom- like thing you hold on to when you mop the floor, it was broken. I'm buying a new one next week.

I decided to go see my parents, it was only half past one o'clock in the afternoon and I would have plenty of time to do the rest of the housework later.

I decided to ride my bicycle to Raappavuori, but once I did I noticed that the front tire was so out of air that it made a flapping noise when I tried to ride it. I took it to the cellar where the residents keep their bicycles, and decided to keep it there until I get my hands on a bicycle pump. Another thing to add to the shopping list, along with the new mop handle.

Fortunately I made it to the bus 55, when I got off the bus I noticed my mother was there, too. Zie told me zie had been shopping in Citymarket at the Myyrmanni shopping center, zie had bought potted daffodils like every Easter.

My father was home, zie was tapping away on hir tablet and my brother was at hir new apartment, later the day zie came for a visit.

I had a little snack and made a cup of coffee. I wrote into my diary I had brought along, I take it everywhere. I have noticed that when I write into it in my parents' home, I never find a proper place where to write; if I sit by the dining table, I feel like writing in the living room because I don't want buttery bread crumbs all over my diary. Once in the living room, the boring TV shows bother my creative process and I go into my old room, but the chair by the working desk is too uncomfortable and my mother keeps hir laundry on my old bed. I could always sit on my mother's bed, even if zie says it's okay, I always feel like I'm invading hir privacy. I guess it's because I have lived on my own for such a long time.

I decided to head back home. I walked to Martinlaakso bus station and caught the bus 45 to Myyrmäki. I thought of visiting Myyrmanni shopping mall, but once inside I decided to go back home. I enjoy spending time in the shopping mall as much as any millennial, but I don’t always feel like going there.

Once home, the delusions started bothering me again, and as usual, I tried to silence them by arguing with them but only tired myself out and made myself feel worse than I already did.

Today has been mostly okay. The only problems were the lost bicycle pump, the broken mop handle and my overall sour mood because of the delusions I have, but then again, I have them every day.