March 25th, 2015


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Sometimes when I want to update, I feel as if my day was too boring to write about, and I want to protect my readers from just vapid tripe. Then I remember that this is my blog, this blog is my lifeline, and I can write whatever I want!

I had dreams about being dead and living in Heaven; I ran and practically flew through amazingly beautiful snowy landscapes and shrieked with laughter, then I had a dream about lying in bed in the ward 3B, the mental ward where I used to be treated in spring 2007, it was a complete hellhole and only made my mental well- being worse. In the dream I said; "This place is Hell, and my home is Heaven". It made me think about how I waited for the weekend arrive, so I could be admitted for a three- day vacation from the hospital.

The dreams made me feel uncomfortable, and when I woke up I felt pain in my armpits, it was probably from the exercise at the gym yesterday.

I got up at quarter past eleven o'clock and didn't bother with morning routines, I had received the weekly allowance and I had to go grocery shopping. I just took my morning medicine, dressed up and then I was off.

It had snowed during the night, I was unhappy about it because spring had already sprung, but then again, no matter how cold and dark the winter is, summer always arrives.

I visited the bank to withdraw money, then I went to Citymarket and bought food, hygiene products and a new floor mop. Now that I think about it, I should use my calculator and count how much the groceries and other things are going to cost, comparing to my meager budget. Yeah. That sounds good.

I dragged the heavy shopping bag and the floor mop home, and felt a bit downcast. Once home, I put all the stuff into their rightful places and had some coffee. I also took a quick shower, because my hair was greasy and I felt sweaty and grubby.

Later the day it was time to go see my therapist, we had an appointment at half past one o'clock in the afternoon. I took the M train to Helsinki, then the subway to Kamppi and made it to the appointment six minutes late.

I told Jaana, my therapist about my pains and zie told me that I might have exercised some muscles I have never exercised before. It didn't sound too bad.

We made a new appointment on next Tuesday at half past two o'clock in the afternoon.

I decided to head to Girls' House, first I visited Tiger in Kamppi shopping mall to buy a box of stickers; white and yellow daisies made of canvas, with tiny wooden ladybugs. I am going to use them to decorate my furniture.

Once in Girls' House, I was told that the visitors are going to an art gallery, one of the "big sisters" has hir paintings on display. They asked me to come along, so I went.

We took the tram 6T to Bulevardi and walked to Iso- Roba, where the art gallery resided. We looked at the paintings, and the big sister told us about hir inspirations, painting techniques and such. We got a little snack as well, organic beet crisps, cinnamon buns and berry juice.

After I left, I visited the thrift stores on Iso- Roba and Freda, then I took the bus 453 to Martinlaakso and walked to Myyrmäki.

Once home, I fixed myself some snack, a sandwich and a cup of coffee. Then I took the clothes off the clotheshorse and ironed them, washed a load of laundry, scrubbed the toilet bowl and just puttered around my home, until it was time to take my evening medicine and brush my teeth.
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