April 1st, 2015


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Life manages to weird me out. Just when I was about to get better, I have picked up this strange illness that can be cured only if I eat six kilos of dog poop every day.
Damn it, where am I going to get dog poop? I don't even have a dog!

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I ran out of my most important prescription medicine, Solian, last Friday, I had only one pill for the evening when I usually take two pills. At first I was okay, except when I stayed awake the whole night between Saturday and Sunday and watched my favorite parts of American Horror Story: Asylum on Netflix. On Sunday I went to see my parents, and managed to sleep the following night.

On Monday I had an appointment with my own nurse at the psychiatric clinic, zie noticed that my face muscles contorted and I didn't speak as fluently as I usually do.

Once back home, I slept for the whole day, thinking about the universe, spirituality, morality, social justice; if it wasn't for the psychosomatic pain I felt in my limbs and torso, and how I grit my teeth so hard my jaws were stiff, I could have felt almost euphoric.

The next day Kaima, my worker from ASPA, called me and asked me if I am coming along when the ASPA workers and customers go to Tikkurila for a day out, and I said no, I'm experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Later the day zie came to see me, we went to the pharmacy together and I got three month's worth of medicine, now that all the paperwork was done.

It had snowed on Monday, last week it was ten degrees warm and sunny, and now it was winter again. I know it will melt quickly, but I was still in a bitter mood. Especially when I have to wait until April 22nd when I get to buy new boots, and there are holes at the soles of my old boots and my socks get sopping wet when walking on the slushy streets.

Today I received money, I bought groceries and hygiene products and a new backpack. Later the day I went to see my therapist, we had an appointment at half past eleven o'clock ante meridiem which was too early in my standards, but I managed.

Tomorrow I will go to Kiasma, a contemporary art museum with Eija, and then I will go see Kingsman in a movie theater. I was supposed to go see it today, but I felt like I wasn't able to handle the *feels* the movie would cause.

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☮ I am doing better now that I have finally got three month's worth of Solian medicine. And also, I was told at the pharmacy that from now on to the rest of the year, all my prescription medicines are going to cost only 1,50 euros.

☮ I bought a new article of jewelry today, a mood stone pendant. I am going to wear it every day from now on.

☮ I managed to wash three loads of laundry today, I should also wash the dishes because I am running out of clean spoons. I think I am going to lots of housework on Saturday, I should also break in my new floor mop.

☮ I hope I will be able to go see Kingsman tomorrow, I have been putting it off for a long time now. I don't think I will be able to handle the *feels* the movie causes, but then again, the same goes for all fandoms.

☮ I had been thinking of visiting my parents for one night, but then again, I don't feel like going to my parents' home because as usual, they will quarrel and complain and yell and holler and be angry at me. At least mine and my mother's relationship has been a bit on the rocks for a while now. But as it is going to be a holiday and all the shops, museums, libraries, movie theaters, cafes and such are going to be closed, I don't feel like simply staying at my own solitude, I might go crazy.

☮ I have noticed that I don't crave for chocolate as much as I used to when I lived in my last apartment, I ate two big bars of Fazer chocolate each day and didn't even get sick. I still like chocolate, I just don't feel like over- eating it.

☮ I wish decaf coffee tasted as good as "ordinary" coffee. I hate it how every time I drink coffee, I get a caffeine high and have to take tranquilizers in order to calm down, and then I just get worse.

☮ I wish I could give blood, but since I have had cancer and because I have to take prescription medicine for a mental illness, I can't. It makes me sad. But anyway, I have decided to become an organ donor.

☮ Last night I had an ultra- realistic dream where I woke up in my old room at my parents' home. I reached my hand to the right side of my bed to see if it would touch the wall next to my bed in my own home, but I didn't feel it. I wondered how did I end up there, and tried to remember what did I do last night. As you can guess, I was mighty surprised when I woke up.

☮ Today I went to Citymarket in Myyrmanni shopping mall in order to buy a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Rainbow Dash key ring, they cost only 2,95 euros which I can easily afford. Too bad they were out of Rainbow Dashes and I didn't feel like buying a Fluttershy or a Pinkie Pie. I wish they get a new batch of Rainbow Dashes soon.
I could have also bought another Rainbow Dash from the toy shop on the second floor, but they cost a whopping 11 euros.

☮ I bought the most adorable backpack today, it has a cute panda motif. Once I get the key ring I mentioned, I am going to take photos of it and post them online.

Counting my blessings

✿ Managing to wash two weeks worth of laundry
✿ Becoming mentally stable after getting a dose of medicine
✿ Buying all kinds of awesome stuff; a panda backpack and a mood stone necklace
✿ Visiting my therapist, it was nice to have a hearty talk
✿ Eating chocolate truffles, yum
✿ Eating a huge plate of fish & chips at the local 50's diner, yum yum
✿ Talking on the phone with Suvicita
✿ My friend Michi Chu

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Thursday, April 2nd: I will go to the modern art museum Kiasma with Eija. After that, I will go to Tennispalatsi movie theater at five past two o'clock in the afternoon to see Kingsman.

Friday, April 3rd: I will go to Winter Garden in Helsinki, it is this huge hothouse full of exotic flowers. After that, I will go to my parents' home for a sleepover.

Saturday, April 4th: After returning home, I will go to the fitness center, work out for an hour at the gym (walk on the treadmill on "Manual" setting for half an hour, then use the exercise machines and then lift dumbbells) and swim for half an hour at the pool. After that, I will clean up my apartment; scrub the bathroom, hoover and mop the floor, replace bed sheet and towels and wash them, wash the dishes, dust the living room carpet and keep the kitchen window open for the whole time to get my apartment aired.

Sunday, April 5th: If I have housework left, I will do it today. I won't go see my parents.

Monday, April 6th: Nothing special yet.

Tuesday, April 7th: I will go to Helsinki with Suvicita.

Wednesday, April 8th: I will have a therapy session at half past eleven before noon.