April 19th, 2015


Don't tell my parents, but I took some photos while visiting them >:3

 photo IMG_1902_zpsfpev1jp5.jpg

Pinkie Pie plushie key ring.

 photo IMG_1903_zpsgexmv8yl.jpg

My nails have grown healthy and strong. I might visit a nail salon later this spring to have them cleansed, whitened and filed.

 photo IMG_1905_zpsyxnxa1x2.jpg

What I wore today; a brown Dirndl dress with embroideries, and an orange and red striped Marimekko blouse, both second hand vintage.

 photo IMG_1907_zpsaykjb6sx.jpg

Heart shaped pendant.

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I slept on the sofa- bed because I had hauled my mattress to the balcony over the night to have it aired.

Last night when I went to bed and stayed awake for a while, and I felt the kind of feeling that could be dubbed as "Intolerable nothingness". Everything felt so empty and useless.

I had a dream where me and my best friend Suavecita watched a movie named Harry Potter and the Kangaroo Princess on television. It kind of reminded me of those rumors about the next Harry Potter book, Pillar of Strength and Kettle of Nackledirk. The aforementioned Princess was supposed to be Luna Lovegood.

In another dream I lived in my former apartment in Kitler hill, and a strange man broke in. Zie threw all my artifacts and postcards into the trash, I tried to shoo him out but zie didn't even budge, so I slashed his throat with a kitchen knife.

I also had an erotic nightmare about my new fictional husbando, Lobo from DC Comics.

 photo old_lobo_zpscqklsa8b.jpg
Goodness gracious

In the morning when I woke up, I had had enough of my weird ass dreams so I got up even if it was only half past nine o'clock.

I took my morning medicine, had a wash, dressed up, cooked a decent breakfast and took my vitamin supplements.

I decided to go back to bed and sleep until it was midday. When I slept, I saw the light illuminate the wall beside me even if it wasn't sunny outside, it was somehow a peculiar feeling.
I felt really hot and sweaty, even if my apartment wasn't too hot. I had opened the window to let some fresh air in.
I was in a really deep sleep, after getting up I recalled the health effects of naps

I managed to hoover and mop the floor of my apartment, the first thing to do was to pick up every single item lying on the floor and put them on my bed or the sofa- bed. It was funny, like playing Tetris.

Later the day I went to see my parents, I took the bus 43 to Martinlaakso and walked to Raappavuori, once in my parents' home mom was cooking salmon soup and dad was fiddling with hir iPad.

I had lunch and coffee with my parents, surfed on the Internet on their laptop, took a few photos, and when I finally decided to leave, mom gave me grocery money.

I took the bus 55 to Myyrmäki, went to the shopping mall and bought a plastic daisy bracelet (it's originally a hair accessory) from Hennes & Mauritz. Then I went to Citymarket and bought rye bread and bananas and some sweet treats.

Once back home, everything was alright. I just need to fetch the laundry from the drying room, wipe the writing desk and kitchen counter, scrub the bathroom, wash the dishes, stuff like that. I better get crankin'.
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Photos taken by my babe friend Suavecita

 photo 154595_10206909173912842_7517417347160471413_n_zpsjj06xen8.jpg

Suavecita agreed to buy me a new pair of shoes (and I will pay hir back). I needed new socks to go along with them ^_^

 photo 10891587_10206067717636961_5084689439437026057_n_zpswenr3de0.jpg

Me knitting

 photo 10922687_10206230967638109_3650175423514092111_n_zpsychysi1h.jpg

Me and Suavecita went to a thrift shop and I tried on some fancy hats :]

 photo B0zd4TFCAAA0zeg_zpsck6uaq9f.jpg

Suavecita gave me that Ramones hoodie :D

 photo 10987328_10206515268185445_5830836231359522156_n_zpshggltkcn.jpg

This photo was taken in Peetri Pitsa, our favorite restaurant in Tallinn. I am writing my diary and wearing a fake flower hair clip I bought from the same town.

 photo B9_HU3ICAAA3U-S_zpspyud5azg.jpg

We "cosplayed" Addams family :D

 photo B95nyDJCQAA6vUT_zpsesuah4es.jpg

Suavecita being pimp-alicious and me being a weirdo ^3^

 photo B9Rj3ojIUAAl59u_zpsb7no27mr.jpg

Suavecita took this photo in Horror Shop. As you can see, I still had the herpes virus that made me look like it was actually a flesh- eating virus :3

 photo BlGluBUIYAA1l-7_zpskticlnp7.jpg

I had almost forgotten this photo :D

 photo B95myjKCIAA6uwd_zpsnc2hfrdj.jpg

Me and my husbando, Justus the Clown :D Suavecita took this on the cruise ship when we returned from Tallinn :D

 photo B59pe0mCAAIVAn__zpspdpalurw.jpg

This was taken on my 26th birthday, that's Suavecita next to me :3c

 photo BoY36HsCAAAhSJH_zpsoglo7ej1.jpg

Holy shiet, I never thought I was such a babe! :D

 photo Bsr35njCIAAFsqx_zpsytylhgiu.jpg

Me wearing my peppermint candy cane dress in a car show ^3^

If Sherlock was Finnish :>

The names in the parenthesis are the original artists or the ones that shared the pictures in the FaceBook group "Finnish Sherlockians Unite!" I am sharing these with their permission.

 photo 430116_392327814126509_807175320_n_zpsmccsgrme.jpg

If Sherlock was Finnish :] (J. Helviö)

 photo 401047_2730887557567_13700510_n_zpsf39ivdla.jpg

Jim Moriarty :D (A. Toiviainen)

 photo 420295_2703265747039_394354327_n_zps7qzkonj4.jpg

No shit Sherlock :< (A. Toiviainen)

 photo 322877_2703186465057_1142014143_o_zpsnm0ty4jq.jpg

Jimi was originally Molla's gay boyfriend U3U (A. Toiviainen)

 photo 1010187_670882619604360_1830104390_n_zpszbndfkgq.jpg

XD (A. Häkli)

 photo 538444_193803164081846_638780483_n_zpskcz97wls.jpg

And here's a Victorian Sherlock with makeup ^3^ (R. Heikkilä)

Plans for Monday, April 20th - Sunday, April 26th

Monday, April 20th: I will finish the rest of the housework, and probably go to Girls' House.

Tuesday, April 21st: I will go to the gym and then go to the hobby group for mentally ill young adults in Pähkinärinne.

Wednesday, April 22nd: I will receive both my weekly allowance and my monthly welfare, I will pay 20 euros to Suavecita and then I will order a pair of new vegan biker bitch boots from Heluna. I have to ask my momsie for grocery money :<

Thursday, April 23rd: Nothing special yet. I will probably visit Girls' House.

Friday, April 24th: Nothing special yet.

Saturday, April 25th: I will do housework and go to the gym.

Sunday, April 26th: I will finish the rest of the housework and go visit my parents.