May 5th, 2015


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Believe me, I have wanted to update many times but I always lose my interest and erase my writing, which is sad.

I woke up at two o'clock in the morning, when I felt a strange pain in my knee joints. It was too early to do the morning routines, so I just took a pee, drank some water and went back to bed.

I had a dream where me and my friends were playing in an old wreck of a hippie van, we shrieked with laughter and had fun.

I got up at midday. My new ASPA counselor, Kaarina was supposed to visit me at half past midday. I needed her to assure me that it was okay to brush your teeth if you get up in the afternoon.

Later when zie came to visit me, we had a hearty talk, I washed two week's worth of dishes and after zie left, I scrubbed the bathroom floor.

Later the day I went to the local art museum, it was a really refreshing experience. After that, I went to Girls' House to spend time.

I talked to a big sister, as the counselors in Girls' House are called, about things that make me happy and things I could do in order to prevent boredom. Then I went for a walk in Kauppatori, it made me feel a bit happier.
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