May 7th, 2015


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Yesterday evening I cried. Not because I am depressed, but because I was on my period and besides I still keep on reading triggering fanfiction. Fuck omega!verse for consuming my soul.

In the morning I managed to get up early and do the morning routines. Later the day I traveled to Helsinki on the M train to go see Eija, we were supposed to go to the Museum of Natural Science; if I remember correctly, it was because there was supposed to be some new special exhibition. I met Eija in the museum, after seeing the exhibition we went to the cafe; I got a raspberry juice box and a piece of carrot cake.

Eija bought me a chocolate bar as a name day gift, then I took the M train to Myyrmäki.
On the train, an old woman sat next to me, and a younger woman sat opposite me, and zie said something like "I'm tired, I didn't sleep last night", and then zie was quiet for about five minutes and then asked the old woman "I have lost both of my parents and I live all alone in my apartment, I can't take it. Can you please tell me how am I ever going to cope with it?"
That's M train to ya.

Once in Myyrmäki, I went home and ate some chocolate and then I had to go see Suavecita, we were going to meet in Horror Shop.
I took the bus 39 to Konala and went to Horror Shop. Suavecita arrived later, zie gave me sour candies and baby carrots, and bought the new Shrieks album and two books, one about cannibalism and one about mass murders. That's my girl!

Later the day Perkele arrived, zie had the flu so we couldn't hug hir. Suavecita had brought him meatballs and energy drink. We were hanging around when we heard Heli, the shop assistant shriek in the corridor; Perkele had scared hir by jumping out of the broom closet, and we shared a hearty laugh!

Me and Suavecita went to Varusteleka, another amazing shop a short ride away from Horror Shop. They sell mostly army surplus stuff or anything army related. We both had received a gift card for five euros to Varusteleka to Horror Shop, and I spent mine on caffeinated chocolate.

Suavecita drove us to Myyrmäki station where zie parked hir car and we took the M train to Helsinki. On the train, there was a vagabond who kept on mumbling to hirself. I loved the sight of a punk rocker with hir young child.

Once in Helsinki, right after we stepped out of the train Suavecita made me wear a bandana on my head and I said it's "Firme".

The first thing to do was to go to Cholo for burritos. As usual, I dropped some of the cheese sauce and beans on my dress. It left some impressive stains, but then again, I like it when I get stains on my clothes.

We visited a few shops and it was getting really late, so I told Suavecita I am going home, or actually, I had to go see my parents, they had promised to give me money.

I made it to the bus 453 and got off at Raappavuori where I went to my parents' home, mom gave me 16 euros. I took the bus 530 to Myyrmäki, once home I was very tired and now I feel exhilarated and like I never want to sleep again!