May 9th, 2015


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My sleeping pattern is getting better, this morning I managed to get up about at nine o’clock.
I took my morning medicine, brushed my teeth and took a shower. I dressed up into one of my prettiest outfits, ate a banana and scrolled through FaceBook and Tumblr; suddenly I felt sleepy, so I went back to bed and slept until half past two o’clock in the afternoon.

I had the usual semi― realistic dream about the old summer cottage, and woke up feeling hot and numb. To be honest, I’m glad I slept for most of the day because otherwise I would have been bored to death.

I went to the mall to return bottles and bought myself a Twix bar, even if I had decided to start saving money again.

Once back home, I slept a bit more and then I simply had to force myself to clean up my apartment; I hoovered and mopped the floor, took out the recycling, left the kitchen window and balcony door open to let some fresh air in.

About at six o'clock in the evening I started feeling cabin fever, I felt as if I had to go out and visit some place before my head would explode. I decided to visit my parents.

I called my mom's cellphone, zie didn't answer. I called my parents' landline phone, no one answered. I called my dad's cellphone, zie answered and said it was okay that I come for a visit.

I took the bus 51 to Martinlaakso and walked to Raappavuori, dad was home and mom came home later; zie gave me a belated name day gift, a new diary! Yay, mom!

Later the evening I traveled back home on the bus 55, once back home I felt another emotional crisis. But then again, if today sucks, tomorrow is better.
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