May 10th, 2015


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Monday, May 11th:
I will have an appointment with my nurse Saija at the psychiatric clinic at two o'clock in the afternoon; I need to renew my Ketipinor prescription while there.
I might go to the gym and swimming pool and then to Girls' House.
I also need to do the rest of the housework I didn't do this weekend; I have to dust the carpet and scrub the living room floor.
Another thing I should do is to take two bills to the social office.

Tuesday, May 12th:
If I remember correctly, my ASPA worker Kaarina will visit me today. After that, I will go to the modern art museum Kiasma and then to Girls' House.

Wednesday, May 13th:
I will receive money, I need to buy a bicycle pump and lots of food and hygiene products.
I will have a therapist's appointment at two o'clock in the afternoon.

Thursday, May 14th:
It will be Ascension day, which is a holiday in Finland. I will go visit my friend Viivi who lives in the same town as my parents.

Friday, May 15th:
It will be my mother's pay day and as usual, zie will give me money. I will recharge my travel card.

Saturday, May 16th:
As it is halfway through the month again, I will have a major housecleaning weekend, and as it is four months since I last washed my pillow and blanket, I will wash them.

Sunday, May 17th:
I will go visit my parents.

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Today I managed to get up early, I took a pee, drank some water and went back to bed to write my diary. I didn't take my morning medicine, because I knew I would only fall back asleep.
After I had finished yesterday's entry, I had an unpleasant feeling because my eyes were crusty with sleep and I felt a bit anxious, so I took my medicine and had a wash.

Right after having breakfast (it was about at half past eleven o'clock in the morning) I went to see my parents and celebrate Mother's day with them.
I had to walk- push my bicycle to Raappavuori, the front tire was flat once again and I couldn't ride the bicycle, but I could lend my parents' bicycle pump and ride the bicycle back home.

Once in Raappavuori, mom was making lunch and dad was watching TV. I gave my mom the Marimekko rose- pattern card which was not exactly a Mother's day card, but whatevsies, zie liked it anyway. I also told hir I am grateful for hir nurturing and caring, and zie was happy.

I had lunch (oven- baked salmon, potatoes and salad) and coffee with my mom, and lent their bicycle pump to fill the tire.

Later the day I went for a bike ride before returning home; it was a lovely spring day, the sun shone and birds sang and the air smelled fresh and I felt happy. Once home, my dress was damp with sweat but I felt refreshed and energetic.

I managed to do a lot of housework; I fluffed my pillow and blanket in the balcony, put fresh sheets into my bed, washed two loads of laundry (first the replaced towels and then the throw rugs), cleaned the cupboard in my kitchen where I keep my household appliances (there were bread crumbs from the toaster, I hoovered them and then used scouring liquid or whatevs it's called to scrub it, now it's clean and smells of pink flowers), scrubbed the bathroom sink and toilet bowl and wiped the toothpaste foam stains off the mirror, wiped the working desk and dusted my artifacts, and kept the kitchen window and balcony door open to let the fresh air in.

Later the day, about at six o'clock in the evening, I started feeling bored again. I did some random odd jobs around my apartment, surfed on the Internet, arranged and re- arranged my stuff, dealt my medicine into my Dosett, stuff like that.

I decided that it was time to give up my old CD & cassette player, it's old and cruddy and it makes weird buzzing noise every time I listen to CDs, not to mention I have Spotify Premium and besides, I can always buy myself a new one; they have some cute Hello Kitty CD players for sale in BR Toys in the Myyrmanni shopping mall, they cost only about 25 euros.

I called my mom, asked hir if I can bring my old CD player over and let them decide what to do with it, it was originally my parents' own anyway. Mom said it was okay.

I took the bus 55 to Raappavuori, once in my parents' home my brother had visited them and brought a bunch of yellow- red roses with baby's breath, and a box of brownies.

I made coffee, ate four brownies, wrote into my diary, and later the day when my brother called my mom and mom started sounding worried, I quickly left.

I walked to Myyrmäki, and called Suavecita on the way. I had a terrible need to poop, so I did like bears do and went to a small patch of woods in Louhela; all the while talking to Suavecita, and informed hir that my poop was orange.

Once back home, it was approximately half past eight o'clock in the evening. I was tired but happy after the walk. I took my evening medicine and brushed my teeth, and soon I should have a wash and go to sleep.
I should do the rest of the housework tomorrow; I need to dust the carpet, wash the dishes, mop the bathroom floor, and perhaps wash some laundry.
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